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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022


Another wonderful dinner at Darrin and Kris' home!!! Both kids were home from college and Nick/Braylon actually had some turkey dinner with us before heading to Braylon's house with her family for Thanksgiving!  HA

This post is primarily pictures for my 2022 Blog Book so not in any particular order!

Yes, we had tons of dessert!!!  YUM

Kris decorates their home so beautifully each year!

Kris mom has gifted her this little guys

Every little nook is filled with decorations!

So beautiful!

And her dinner setting is always awesome!

and the best Thanksgiving dinner, as usual.  Kris makes the BEST mashed potatoes!  And her turkey is always perfect!

Caught Nick and Braylon on the steps for a pic!

Kris filled us up with appetizers before hand...YUM

It is football time you know!!!

Kris' mom is so sweet!  She had this little guy sitting in our car when we left!!!!

And this metal tag was on the bag!  How sweet!!!  Thanks, Nancy!


  1. I think I'd have overdone it with the appetizers and regretted doing so once I got to this great meal! What a wonderful celebration, and the decorating looks terrific.

  2. The food looks wonderful and the decorations are lovely. That had to be a lot of work and it shows!

  3. The food and decorations are beautiful. And so many desserts -- I would've tried them all!

  4. I’m late in catching up with reading blogs……yours made me smile……so festive!!


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