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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Road Less Travel Reveal

Today is our reveal on the online blog, Art Quilts Around The World.  Make sure to click on the link and see all the great pieces this group have done...not only with this challenge, Road Less Traveled, but past challenges.

This is my little contribution!  I had my one inch hex's and knew there would be a use for them!  The printed pattern just seemed like a road to me!  As my friends know, I don't get very deep in my work!  Hence, that's all I saw was a other meaning!  All our pieces are to be 11.5" x 16.5"...or thereabouts!

I stitched the hex pattern and painted with fabric paints.

I should have turned this picture but can you see my road!!!  OK, I have an imagination...again, I'm not deep....just had to come up with something for a road less traveled!  Works for me!

I stitched around the pattern hex's then added beads...couldn't help myself!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

More than one project at a time...

Doesn't everyone work on more than one project at a time!  I look at it as what room will I be in to do some work!  If I'm going to be in my sewing room for the majority of the day, of course, I'll look at some design work or machine work...but it it's a Tiger baseball night, a Sunday football day or just season premiere night...then I have to have some hand work...and that's dependent on how much hand work 'stuff' I have beside me...and that's dependent on how active Kalee is...if I have to keep getting up to play ball or tug of war...then I'll keep my hand work to a I sat outside so I started another bead project...
 The picture above is the start of the MACRO challenge for the online group I belong to...I wasn't happy with it sooooo....
Yep..I ripped it all out!!  And I've started over!  Oh was a beautiful day to sit out on the perhaps I'll have better luck when I start this over again!  Tomorrow, Joan and I are meeting up for an early brunch/lunch the off to see the movie, Prisoners.  I only go to the movies once every year or two so I'm looking forward to seeing this one!!  Hope I'm not disappointed!  And after dog class tonight, I hope to do some beading!  Kalee should be tired!  Let's hope!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ugo Who?

Our Aussome Study Group has selected most of the master artists we'll be creating quilts for our next group exhibit. So far, we have Tiffany, Dr. Seuss, Peter Max, George Rodrigue (Blue Dog), Ugo Nespolo and I think my choice may be Annie Manero...haven't set this pick in stone yet, but more on that choice later.
So who the heck is Ugo Nespolo?  LoisAnn is one of our members who chose Ugo.  LA and her hubby lived in Italy for almost six years and guess where Ugo is from!  Yep...Italy!  So no surprise there that she picked him for one of our Master series artists.  Actually, his work is kinda cool...just do a google on his name and you'll see what I mean.  Anyway, this is the picture I'm using for my inspiration to create an art quilt from!

I really am drawn to this piece, most likely due to the horse!  You can take the "girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"...something like that!  Today, I found a coloring page of a horse, so that's my starting point.  Now to figure out the design and background and process!  LA has finished her piece and it's AMAZING!  Wish I could show a our next fiber meeting I'll ask if I can share a snippet of it...LA does beautiful work!!!  Ugo would be proud of what LA created!

I have been beading...actually, I've finished more than what's in this photo...Tiger's keep me beading at night!
And I've even ordered a Christmas gift already!  WooHoo!  Best get busy on my process for Ugo!  I have a feeling this may be a challenge for sure!  
Beautiful day again the 60's, sun shining...just a perfect fall day!  I love fall!!!

A, andiiiI

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love those grandsons!

First, is Ian!  He was nominated for King for his homecoming last weekend!  Congrats,'re King in our court for sure!  I can't believe Ian is a senior this year and will graduate in the spring!!
 Ian's friend is a young lady who is also in cross country.  Ian loves cross country and does so well at it!!!

And these are two shots from Nick's football game yesterday.  I had to work @ the library book sale so I didn't make the game.  This is Nick (blue and gold #80) in the process of a tackle!  He plays both offense and defense and kicker!

And this was Nick's first fumble recovery!!  Woo Hoo!!!

As grand parents we sure are lucky to have such wonderful grand kids!!!  But you have to give credit to the parents!  They are the ones teaching their children right and wrong....and they all do a great job of it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another Birthday Girl!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Jo!!!  Wish we could be with you to help celebrate your BD!  Enjoy!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Happy Birthday, Dawn!!!!  Hope you have a great day!!!!  You are a beautiful lady and a wonderful, daughter, sister, wife and the best Aunt around!!!  Love you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another sneak peek

This is a sneak peak of my 'Road Less Traveled' for the online challenge (Art Quilts Around the World Blog).  I just have to face the quilt and put a sleeve on it.  Our reveal is Sept. 30th and our next challenge is 'MACRO' which is due Nov. 30th....I get to pick the challenge after 'macro' and that will be due January 31.  I  have an idea...but I better start looking for ideas for 'macro'...I did have some but they may take too long to do with the upcoming holidays.  So back to the drawing board for 'macro'!

A few weeks ago, my daughter was cleaning or purging some of her dye supplies, fabrics and lots of other 'stuff'!  It was like Christmas!!  Back in July, I did some reorganizing in my sewing room and dye room but since there's always room for improvement I got to work and cleaned some more!  I had to!  I had new 'stuff' to put in my rooms!!
I don't remember why I took this picture...other than to show where some of my books are kept.  These are organized by beading, applique, painting, etc.  This is a very, very old desk cabinet that I had stripped about 20 years ago.  I love this piece.  And yes, it's stuffed with books in each compartment.  The folders on the top right are my old Quilter Art magazines and CPS magazines.

This basket used to 'house' more books...books that I looked at more frequently.  I moved all of those to another area (you'll see in the next picture) and  put my zentangle/doodling supplies and books in the container instead.

 The books I moved from the basket above are now in this center area.  These are books I reference more often so I like them to be handy and accessible.    The table where the books sit is where I iron.  The right side cabinet/shelves hold all my bead supplies and the left side holds baskets with other supplies (e.g. foiling, tyvek, Angelina fiber, etc.).  

And look at this great stand/drawer set my daughter gave me!  Of course I used my handy, dandy label maker (yep, a BD gift from my daughter from years ago...the best gift!) and put all my threads in separate drawers by color, drawers for pens/markers/pastels and drawers for other supplies.  
I love this nice to just pull out a drawer with the color thread I want to work with!!!  

  I still had so many supplies left from Dawn that I didn't need or couldn't use so I've been giving those away to friends.  I only have a small amount left which I'll be giving to a lady in our old fiber guild to use in her art/fiber classes.  She teaches at the high school and also teaches adult class for book making, fiber work, etc.  She's quite a talented lady and i know she'll be able to use the supplies and fabric that's left.

So thank you, Dawn!!!!  I'm so happy to have more organization to my room!  And I know the other ladies are thankful for the supplies and/or fabric they got!!!  You're sweet!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A fun weekend and surprises!

The opening for our exhibit went great.  Lots of fun but we did miss Mary (who was not feeling up to par) and Carol (who was out of town on vacation).  There are always quite a few folks  who come to the opening...OK, so a few are college kids looking for free food and drink...but that's ok!  Last year we actually had some college students who where quite interested in the art work and our processes...didn't find any of those this year!  Kinda funny but there was another huge! event taking place this weekend on the street where the art council sits!  You'll see a picture in this post!

I didn't realize how blurry this picture was too!

And look who else joined the quilters!

 Flint has a bike event every year and the past two years it has taken place the same weekend as the quilt weekend.  We did have two women who came to the exhibit and hubby's were looking at bikes and they were looking at quilts!  Guess that worked for them.

And when I got home Friday night look what was in the mail for me!!  A surprise from my Q Buddy, Susan!!!  THANK YOU my friend!!!

So cute!!!!
While I was sitting waiting for herds of folks to come see our work!, I was able to start the 'first cut' on my 2nd Tiffany piece for our exhibit.  This is the peacock design I showed on my blog that I'm doing.  This is the bike of the piece.  The black is on the front, which is what I'm cutting away to create the leading.  There are different shade of greens and blues, which you can't see!  But you will!

So this was the first cut and I managed to get this piece appliqued..almost to the point.  At least I've made a dent!  Figured I wouldn't get to this until the winter.  I want to finish up my Road Less Traveled for the online challenge for the Art Quilts Around the World blog.  So off I go to get some laundry started and some work (ok not really 'work' - sewing!) done!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Killing Time!

I posted this picture that my friend, Joan, painted on fabric awhile back.  She finished the painting and I asked for the piece of painted fabric back.  I told her I had an idea for it!  

This is or was Joan's finished piece.  I printed out a flower outline on fabric, from a copyright free web site.  Joan knows what kind of flower it is...I'm not!  Joan paints using watercolor and does some amazing work. This was the first time she used acrylics and painted on fabric!  check out the shading!!  Just beautiful!

 I had some time to kill today before getting ready for our exhibit opening  so I made a snap bag for Joan!
Front of the snap bag

Obviously this is the back!

I know Joan doesn't check out my blog so it should be a surprise for her!  Not sure when I'll see her next but it should be within the next week or two.  Now to hope she can use it to store something in.  It measures 8 1/2" x 9 1/2".

So now to take Kalee for her 2nd walk since I won't be able to walk her later!  And then to get ready to meet up with the ladies in our fiber group for dinner and then on to the opening!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

So what have you been doing?

Yes, I've been busy but I think that's my mantra!!  Busy, busy...busy!!!  I was reading Terry Grant's blog post today and certainly could identify with her thoughts.  I too love to stay home and just 'play'!!!  But that isn't always the way....I've posted on my week so far and yesterday was working at our library to get setup for the upcoming book sale!  But before I show what I did yesterday, here is my lesson in watercolor lettering I finally finished - as far as I'm going to finish it.  I've printed out this week's lesson and watched the video but won't get to start it until tomorrow in the a.m.  I hope!
The start of my letter and a practice border above it - not they don't do together!
Watercolor layers and white ink applied

So this is what I did yesterday - yes, I was alone due to the fact I couldn't work today with the other ladies...although, I did this last year and it does work out pretty well.  I work alone and have no problem doing so...yes, it's that type A to just get in there and get it done!
You can see the boxes on the floor and tables
Boxes are loaded with books

Ditto above

Boxes all empty now and under the table(s) - also I organized the fiction books in alpha order by author (hence, the stacks) - yes, that's part of a Type A personality too!

See all those books!

Can't remember what these books were but boxes were all unloaded

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

 Happy Birthday (again!), MaryAnn!!!  Sounds like you've been having a great week and it will continue through this weekend!!!  ENJOY!!    Just a look back......
MaryAnn with her Babushka on!  We never called them a scarf!

Our beautiful 'mum' & MA

Learning to ride a tricycle!

My sis still has great legs!!!!  And I mean great legs!!!  This past winter a salesperson asked if she was a model because of her great legs!!!  How's that for a 68 year old - ok just turned 69!

With our dog & me

I think this was MA's confirmation

With our 'mum' 

Christmas time at Aunt Jane's!

My sister's first love, Donnie!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We did good today!  The six ladies from our fiber group met at the art council and hung 95 quilts!!!!   I won't show pics of other setups until after the show is on and I get OK from the group.  The quilts look wonderful and are so many different techniques and medium used!  We are a special group!

Tomorrow is setup for the local library book sale!!!  Geez  I'll be ready for a day at home next week!!!
 This is our Color Study: Underwater Fantasy that I showed before.  When you walk into the art council this is the first artwork you see!  Well, my picture is a little crooked...but I'm not a photographer!!  Here are some of the ladies in our group:

This is my buddy Mary who just had hip surgery!  She's doing great!!!

That's Chris waving!  She does beautiful machine quilting!!

Lady on the left is Carol who curates our Inspired by the Master exhibit  That's Lois Ann next to her and she just had shoulder surgery!  

We did take a five minute break!  Chris looks like she's advertising for Kellogg's! 

Walls with my quilts on display