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Thursday, September 26, 2013

More than one project at a time...

Doesn't everyone work on more than one project at a time!  I look at it as what room will I be in to do some work!  If I'm going to be in my sewing room for the majority of the day, of course, I'll look at some design work or machine work...but it it's a Tiger baseball night, a Sunday football day or just season premiere night...then I have to have some hand work...and that's dependent on how much hand work 'stuff' I have beside me...and that's dependent on how active Kalee is...if I have to keep getting up to play ball or tug of war...then I'll keep my hand work to a I sat outside so I started another bead project...
 The picture above is the start of the MACRO challenge for the online group I belong to...I wasn't happy with it sooooo....
Yep..I ripped it all out!!  And I've started over!  Oh was a beautiful day to sit out on the perhaps I'll have better luck when I start this over again!  Tomorrow, Joan and I are meeting up for an early brunch/lunch the off to see the movie, Prisoners.  I only go to the movies once every year or two so I'm looking forward to seeing this one!!  Hope I'm not disappointed!  And after dog class tonight, I hope to do some beading!  Kalee should be tired!  Let's hope!


  1. It's embarrassing how many projects I work on at once! I bet you'll get lots done because she'll sleep like a baby after class.

  2. Really?? You work on more than one project at a time.....grinning..... And really??? You find you need to start over sometimes??? Ditto!!!!

    You'll find the answer.....

  3. I am not surprised at working on multi projects at one time. My Grandma and now I do the very same thing. If you weren't happy with your beading project I can understand you starting over on it. Your work is perfection dear...

  4. I totally understand mult-tasking. I usually have something in the crochet bag to take along to appointment waiting rooms as well.


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