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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love those grandsons!

First, is Ian!  He was nominated for King for his homecoming last weekend!  Congrats,'re King in our court for sure!  I can't believe Ian is a senior this year and will graduate in the spring!!
 Ian's friend is a young lady who is also in cross country.  Ian loves cross country and does so well at it!!!

And these are two shots from Nick's football game yesterday.  I had to work @ the library book sale so I didn't make the game.  This is Nick (blue and gold #80) in the process of a tackle!  He plays both offense and defense and kicker!

And this was Nick's first fumble recovery!!  Woo Hoo!!!

As grand parents we sure are lucky to have such wonderful grand kids!!!  But you have to give credit to the parents!  They are the ones teaching their children right and wrong....and they all do a great job of it.


  1. Congratulations to your grandsons. These are the type of young people our world needs more of. Blessings dear...

  2. ....AND, you failed to give credit to the Grandparents who raised the parents who instilled those wonderful values that all started with the GRANDPARENTS !! Congrats on a beautiful family. Years ago, a co-worker heard that we had 3 teenage boys and asked if they'd been in jail yet !! I once read that you could rate your success as a parent by where your children were in life at 30..... Take pride in your role in those cute kids......


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