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Thursday, September 12, 2013

So what have you been doing?

Yes, I've been busy but I think that's my mantra!!  Busy, busy...busy!!!  I was reading Terry Grant's blog post today and certainly could identify with her thoughts.  I too love to stay home and just 'play'!!!  But that isn't always the way....I've posted on my week so far and yesterday was working at our library to get setup for the upcoming book sale!  But before I show what I did yesterday, here is my lesson in watercolor lettering I finally finished - as far as I'm going to finish it.  I've printed out this week's lesson and watched the video but won't get to start it until tomorrow in the a.m.  I hope!
The start of my letter and a practice border above it - not they don't do together!
Watercolor layers and white ink applied

So this is what I did yesterday - yes, I was alone due to the fact I couldn't work today with the other ladies...although, I did this last year and it does work out pretty well.  I work alone and have no problem doing so...yes, it's that type A to just get in there and get it done!
You can see the boxes on the floor and tables
Boxes are loaded with books

Ditto above

Boxes all empty now and under the table(s) - also I organized the fiction books in alpha order by author (hence, the stacks) - yes, that's part of a Type A personality too!

See all those books!

Can't remember what these books were but boxes were all unloaded

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  1. You have been busy! Hope you came across a few good quilt books. Like you, I don't mind working alone and can be pretty task-oriented. Good luck with the sale.


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