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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another sneak peek

This is a sneak peak of my 'Road Less Traveled' for the online challenge (Art Quilts Around the World Blog).  I just have to face the quilt and put a sleeve on it.  Our reveal is Sept. 30th and our next challenge is 'MACRO' which is due Nov. 30th....I get to pick the challenge after 'macro' and that will be due January 31.  I  have an idea...but I better start looking for ideas for 'macro'...I did have some but they may take too long to do with the upcoming holidays.  So back to the drawing board for 'macro'!

A few weeks ago, my daughter was cleaning or purging some of her dye supplies, fabrics and lots of other 'stuff'!  It was like Christmas!!  Back in July, I did some reorganizing in my sewing room and dye room but since there's always room for improvement I got to work and cleaned some more!  I had to!  I had new 'stuff' to put in my rooms!!
I don't remember why I took this picture...other than to show where some of my books are kept.  These are organized by beading, applique, painting, etc.  This is a very, very old desk cabinet that I had stripped about 20 years ago.  I love this piece.  And yes, it's stuffed with books in each compartment.  The folders on the top right are my old Quilter Art magazines and CPS magazines.

This basket used to 'house' more books...books that I looked at more frequently.  I moved all of those to another area (you'll see in the next picture) and  put my zentangle/doodling supplies and books in the container instead.

 The books I moved from the basket above are now in this center area.  These are books I reference more often so I like them to be handy and accessible.    The table where the books sit is where I iron.  The right side cabinet/shelves hold all my bead supplies and the left side holds baskets with other supplies (e.g. foiling, tyvek, Angelina fiber, etc.).  

And look at this great stand/drawer set my daughter gave me!  Of course I used my handy, dandy label maker (yep, a BD gift from my daughter from years ago...the best gift!) and put all my threads in separate drawers by color, drawers for pens/markers/pastels and drawers for other supplies.  
I love this nice to just pull out a drawer with the color thread I want to work with!!!  

  I still had so many supplies left from Dawn that I didn't need or couldn't use so I've been giving those away to friends.  I only have a small amount left which I'll be giving to a lady in our old fiber guild to use in her art/fiber classes.  She teaches at the high school and also teaches adult class for book making, fiber work, etc.  She's quite a talented lady and i know she'll be able to use the supplies and fabric that's left.

So thank you, Dawn!!!!  I'm so happy to have more organization to my room!  And I know the other ladies are thankful for the supplies and/or fabric they got!!!  You're sweet!!!!


  1. Great storage pieces for the many, many books and supplies we accumulate! I like how all the participants put a sneak peek of their work up. It kind of keeps the interest going and motivates.

  2. I have grown to enjoy organizing and sorting my creative things. It allows me to re-acquaint myself with what I have, have enjoyed and possible what I am no longer interested in. How kind and sweet to share your supplies with others who will use them. Your purples are royally beautiful...


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