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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We did good today!  The six ladies from our fiber group met at the art council and hung 95 quilts!!!!   I won't show pics of other setups until after the show is on and I get OK from the group.  The quilts look wonderful and are so many different techniques and medium used!  We are a special group!

Tomorrow is setup for the local library book sale!!!  Geez  I'll be ready for a day at home next week!!!
 This is our Color Study: Underwater Fantasy that I showed before.  When you walk into the art council this is the first artwork you see!  Well, my picture is a little crooked...but I'm not a photographer!!  Here are some of the ladies in our group:

This is my buddy Mary who just had hip surgery!  She's doing great!!!

That's Chris waving!  She does beautiful machine quilting!!

Lady on the left is Carol who curates our Inspired by the Master exhibit  That's Lois Ann next to her and she just had shoulder surgery!  

We did take a five minute break!  Chris looks like she's advertising for Kellogg's! 

Walls with my quilts on display

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  1. I wish I could visit this exhibit in person......looks like you all had fun too!


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