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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Color Study:  Underwater Fantasy
Created by
The Aussome Study Group
Orange - Mary Andrews
Yellow - Lois Ann Fulton
Blue - Robbie Payne
Green - Karen Kiley Olson
Red - Carol Tamasiunas

It's been quite a busy week!!  Our Aussome Study Group's opening, for our art quilt exhibit, is next Friday.  Hence, this past week or so has been dedicated to picking up quilts, getting sleeves on quilts, making all the labels for the wall at the exhibit...and other busy work!   The group quilt picture above is one we did back in  2008 and was juried into the IQA show in Houston (you can read my blog post on it here).   This piece will be on the main wall as you walk into the Art Council bldg.  I think it will draw a lot of attention.  If you can click on the picture and look at each quilt detail, I think you'll be impressed.  Lots and lots of different techniques and materials used.

The quilt picture above doesn't look like much but under this 'stack' are 39 other art quilts from our groups Inspired by the Master exhibit.  The IBTM exhibit are all consistent in size - 16" x 20" but we have a variety of sizes for each of our six individual exhibits.  Actually we have 95 quilts to hang!!!  I'm hoping we can hang all of them but you never know.  The majority of mine, for example, are 8 1/2" x 11" (my beaded pieces) and some of the other ladies have small sizes as well.   I think the exhibit will be really interesting as we have so many different techniques/mediums we each work in.
We always have a good time at the opening...usually meeting for dinner ahead of time and then the 'meet and greet'.  The Art Council bldg is always packed, and I mean packed with folks coming to see the art work.

In between quilts, I finally got a chance to get 75% caught up on my Watercolor lessons with Val Webb.  I do enjoy working with the watercolor...not good at the 'drawing' part but learning a lot and figure I can always trace any letter(s) I might choose to work with!  There's always a way, right!
Lesson in creating a trinity knot

A Uncial inspired letter

This is a fun lesson to do.  A painted watercolor background that we add botanical elements using a Crow Quill pen and white, opaque ink.  The only problem I'm having is getting the ink to flow from my pen.  Sometimes it works great and other times all I get is a scratch on my paper.  I'm only pulling the pen towards me but still...gets frustrating because I'm enjoying this process the most.  Reminds me of doodling/Zentangle type work.

So busy week this week...we're hanging the quilts starting on Tues.  We should be finished by Friday!!  Let's hope, right!


  1. How very exciting to be getting the quilts ready and hung for such an amazing show. Having good friends and fun added to the mix is bliss. Watercoloring and lettering is coming along nicely. Take care and enjoy your busy week dear...

  2. Deep breath now... you are going to be running full tilt this week! Have a great time at your show. For some reason, the first photo is not showing on your post, at least for me.


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