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Thursday, June 30, 2016

And let the quilting begin!

I stitched around the edge of the hexagon strips with invisible thread to secure them to the background then sandwiched my 'modern' piece  on Wednesday.   I used invisible thread and had some issues with the thread bunching up..come to find out it was my fault and not the machine...go figure!  I was using the edge foot and from time to time I would get the foot caught on the edge of the hex's!  After I figured out what was wrong it was quick to sew the hex's down!

So now I'm machine quilting the piece!  Woohoo!  Feels good to be back sewing or should I say making something.   The background was pressed and looked quite nice when sandwiched....but pushing and scrunching this piece under the machine sure makes the quilt look wrinkled!  I've stitched inside all the seams and now starting on the inside of the strips.

The only funky part of the quilting will be the quilting around the hex's.  I've traced out one of the squares on tracing paper and started to play around with possible quilting designs.  

My first thought was to echo around each hex piece but I don't think that will work.  On the tracing paper I drew 3 lines around the hex strips and that might work.  

There's a lot of quilting to keep me busy so I'll have time to think through  the quilting design for the hex blocks! 

Thursday is  Kris, our DIL's BD!  I didn't get to the kids earlier this week so I'll be headed down to spend time with Nick and Amber then we'll all go out to dinner to celebrate Kris' BD.  Should be a nice time sitting with everyone!!  Bob will stay home with the 'girls'!! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Modern Quilt - Part 2!

Saturday and Sunday were cleaning and laundry catch up days but I also accomplished some progress on my modern quilt.   Mainly because Bob was watching the Tigers (lose their game!) so I could hand stitch my hexes.  Interesting that stitching the hexes didn't bother my wrists...embroidery work does but I'm using a hoop, hence, I'm stretching my wrists/fingers...ugh...anyway, I did get all the hexes sewn together.

 Also, just so I'll remember....After I had my hex stripes sewn together, and before I removed the paper backing, I used spray starch and ironed them.  Then I carefully removed the papers and applied more spray starch and ironed again.  This just makes the hexes easier to work with and place on the background.  They aren't as 'flimsy' if you use spray starch.
Next up was playing around with the layout!  This is what I thought I wanted...or close to it!

But while drying dishes Sunday night,  I got another idea and decided I wanted to group or sew the hexes together in blocks.

Only problem, I had already removed the papers from the back of each hex.  I was afraid I wouldn't get a accurate matching of the hex strips when trying to  sew them together to make the blocks.

So this is what I finally came up with for the layout.  The small hexes are 5/8" and the ones in the center right block are 1" hex pieces.

I also sewed together all the scrap pieces I had to make a small insert as well as using them for the binding.

The binding will be a single binding  vs double fold as I only had enough fabric to cut 1 1/2" strips.  Works for me.

Bob is golfing Monday so I hope to get started on sewing the hexes to the background.  I was going to hand applique but think I'll just machine stitch...I'm planning on hanging this in our master bath on the wall behind the whirlpool tub.

We'll see how much I get done this next week as I'll be gone 2 or 3 days.  I still have to finish hand embroidery on another solar fast piece....and my blue squirrel is waiting in the wings too!!   But I guess they aren't going anywhere are they!  Or is that the problem!

Friday, June 24, 2016

A modern quilt? Maybe!

So, as I was trying to get to sleep the other night, I got thinking about some of the modern quilts I've seen.  I haven't made a 'quilt' size quilt in quite sometime.  So that, along with pictures of modern quilts in my head (to put me to sleep!) I decided to start making one on Thursday!

This was my start!  I knew I wanted to use white cotton sateen for the background and wanted something bright AND I wanted to use hex's in the quilt!   So, I started to slice and dice, as they say!

I purchased these fabrics while in  Florida to make the wine cozies for my sister and friends.  Just happen to have enough to cut into wedges for my blocks.

Yes, the girls had to help!  Actually, we had to have our air conditioner replaced today so the girls were watching out the window at the servicemen.  Kept them occupied!

These are the blocks I made, which measure 12" x 16" up I looked in my stash of hex's already made up...I did find some to go with my color theme but I needed more so I made a few more from the scrap fabric I had left from the wedges.

And this is what I've come up with so far!  Looks like a lot of hex's but not least I don't think so at the moment.

So far I have the two rows sewn to white blocks, which will have hex's on them, as well as the borders.   I already know how I'm going to quilt the piece...I'll outline the hex's and continue with the hex 'outline' throughout the piece...quilting in white thread, of course...or perhaps teal.  I must still have our grand daughter's wedding party color in my head!  HA

OK, I really don't know the layout for the hex's yet.  That will have to take place tonight or tomorrow night when I'm trying to fall asleep!  I accomplish a lot at my head!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Bob is off for his annual Father's Day golf tournament.  I'm headed to the kids for Darrin's smoked brisket!  I'm making a layered salad to take and it will be nice to have all the kids around.  We'll be missing both Jeff and Bob due to their golf but we'll bring them each home a plate!!

We were up or at least awake at 5:30 a.m.  Our morning ritual is Kalee wakes up between 5:30-6 and jumps off the bed to go to Gigi's crate.  Then Bob or I get up and let Gigi out so she can join us in bed!  She loves to snuggle and settles down quickly to go back to sleep. Usually we all go back to sleep for a few more minutes!
This morning Bob got out of bed at 6 and 'we' girls followed shortly.  Had our dog walk at 7:30 when Bob left as the temp was only 61!  Got some of my salad fixings prepped for today.  Now I'm just this Mother's Day or Father's Day!  HA  Just need some time to that's what dogs and I are doing.

It's been in the high 80's every day!  UGH...10 a.m. and it's already up to 79!!  Are we in Florida or Michigan!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grandma's back!

Tuesday I headed down to spend time with the kids!  So much fun...we had some lunch then headed to Meijer for gas then stopped and had some yogurt or soft ice cream...yum!!!

Back to the house to play some games.  It was beautiful out so we had lots of fresh air today!  Nick brought out a card table and four different games...we just played with two of them.  Which was good...grandma wasn't winning!  HA

This was an interesting game!  Too long to explain...not sure when we'll play again...not too soon I hope!

We also played UNO Attack, which I really like playing...although I'm going to print out the rules!  I think the kids change them from time to time!  HA

Of course Brody wanted some grandma time too!  And he's not one that you say no too!  He is a doll and enjoys pets and talking to!  HA

Nick wanted to go swimming...for the life of me I don't know why!  It was only 70 degrees out!  but he did!

Amber put on her suit on and walked down the pool steps...but that's as far as she got!  Don't blame her at all!

It was a fun afternoon with Amber and Nick!  I do look forward to the summer being able to spend more time during the day and not worry about homework having to get done!  Next Tuesday, Amber is headed to Grand Valley for a Lacrosse workshop.  So Nick and I already have the day planned.   We're going to pick up a scary movie we both want to see at RedBox, head home for lunch and watch our movie!  This way, being daytime, neither of us will have nightmares!  There will be too many other activities going on before then we'll both have forgotten the movie.  Let's hope!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Milestone!

We had a wonderful weekend at Kalya and Nate's wedding!!!

First off we arrived Friday afternoon at the Double Tree Hilton in Lawreneburg in Indiana.  The hotel was beautiful and the wedding and reception were held within the hotel, which was so nice and convenient.  We met up with other family members and checked into a beautiful room.

Yes, most women are obessed with the bathrooms at hotels...and I was no different!  Loved the bathroom...except for the makeup mirror!  Let's face it...I aleady know how many wrinkles I have...I don't want to see them up close(er) than I already see them!!

The seating area was perfect and view from the room showed the street and surrounding area...we were on the 7th floor so that made it even nicer then the ground floor(s) we are usually on (due to dogs!).  

Actually, Kentucky is behind us, across the river, were were in Indiana and Ohio was just around the corner...guess it's called the Tri something...which fits!

Friday evening was the wedding rehearsal....I think it all became real to us when Ron (Bob's son) walked Kalya down the 'aisle'.   Kayla was beautiful....

Next up was dinner hosted by the groom's family at a local country club, which in itself was a sight to see!  All the golfers were going crazy! as most of the course was on a hill!  Of course, I'm sure most of the men wanted to play the course vs attend a wedding!  BUT that wasn't to be!  HA
Dinner and the evening were so much fun...all the the groomsmen were charming and just nice young were the bridesmaids.  Never met such a great group of kids...scratch that...adults!

Saturday morning we headed downstairs for breakfast then we decided to head to the Casino, which was less than a mile from the hotel...easy to get to via a walkway.  We asked others to go but only MaryJo's father, Bob,  went with us.  AND guess who hit on $500! No, not me! was luck actually but I consider a win a win!  Bob thought he was playing the nickel machine when in fact he was playing the $5 he hit the 'spin' once and nothing...he hit the 'spin' the 2nd time and "ding, ding, ding"!!!  Kinda funny...I won $140 which I was very happy with!!  Just a fun few hours...and it paid for the weekend and dog boarding!  Can't complain about that!

Next up was getting ready for the wedding, which was at 4.  Again, so convenient to take the elevator from the room down to the wedding hall.  The room was beautiful with all the windows, it was just so bright and lovely.  Hard to take pics but a beautiful setting.  The ceremony was performed  by a minister who lived in Mitchell, IN when the kids were growing up.  And he did a great job!

There's always picture taking after a wedding and here are a few more.

Of course, 'me', Kayla, Nate and Bob

Bob's son's family:  Ian, MaryJo, Kayla, Nate and Ron.

I know the pics are dark...but if you're really interested you can click and enlarge to see...otherwise, this is just for me to  have a document of the wedding!

The reception was wonderful!!!  So much fun watching all the young kids enjoying themselves and doing it in a respectful way!  

One of the most touching moments was Kayla's dad, Ron, giving a toast.  He told the story of Kayla learning to ride a two he didn't want her to fall...and after the training wheels were off he put a stick in place of the wheels....he said he was passing on that stick to Nate to make sure Kayla never falls....I am paraphrasing,of course, but you get the jest.  There wasn't a dry eye in the hall and I have it on tape!  Just a wonderful moment!!

So we ate, drank, laughed and danced...having a great time with family and friends.

I can't thank the kids, Ron, MaryJo and Nate's parents (Dinah and Ron) for allowing us to share in this special weekend!  It is a milestone for the Payne family!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another idea!

Last year when I was writing my Bead Painting article for QA magazine, I included was a tip on a tray for holding your beads while beading!

 This was a tip that Mary Stori so kindly shared with me, as well as others (and I also acknowledged Mary in the article for the tip).  Mary recommended using an embroidery hoop and place some type of foam or material that your beads will sit quietly on.  At least if they roll together they won't roll on the floor!  Plus, you have a place for your needle and thread.

I love Mary's idea but in working on my Blue Squirrel, because I'm using so many different colors and sizes of beads, they tend to roll together....don't forget I have dogs that jump onto my lap at the most inconvenient times!  I mentioned this to Bob and asked him to think of a way we can divide the area so my beads won't mix with each other.

So this is what my hubby came up with!  

He used four different lids and placed some foam inside each lid.  He's also going to put small tabs of Velcro on the bottom of each lid so they will stay in position in case I tip the embroidery hoop ever so slightly!  Again, do I need to mention my dogs again!  I am really pleased with this thanks for the starting point, Mary!  And thanks, Bob for your idea!  I'll keep you posted as to any updates to this new bead tray!

Also, I'm starting on another solar print!  Why you say?  Why not I say!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Solar prints done...

Well, the solar prints are 99% finished.  I just need to add binding/facing and they can be put in the 'finished pile'!  HA

It's hard to tell but I did free motion quilting in the borders are each panel.  I didn't want the quilting in the border to stand out (guess I did a good job!  HA) so I used black on the purple piece and the one above.  The first piece I used a maroon rayon thread.

Saturday I made a new 3D snowflake for the front door.  Two reasons...first, the snowflake I made last fall 'kinda' fell apart...who knew the glue would melt?  Our house sitters had the snowflake on the counter when we got back from Florida.  Seems the sun beating on the glass door just melted some of the glue.  I did repair it but thought....why not just make a new one for the summer/fall season!  So that's what I did!

The orange is really more orange than in this picture, as is the green...more green...but you get the idea.  Looks good...let's see how well it holds up in the Michigan summer!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A kids post or a post about kids!

We have always been so proud of our children and our grand children...this year it's a lot of pride for the grand kids!

Kayla & Nate's wedding is only 8 days away and everyone is excited about this milestone in all of our lives!  Kayla is the 1st of the grand kids to be married and with the wedding planning taking over a year, we're all really excited for this event!  I can only imagine how excited Kayla and Nate are!

Earlier this week, Amber received her Varsity letter for Lacrosse!  Hard to believe she's going to be a junior next year!!!

And I  finally got to see Amber play a varsity game last weekend!!  They were in the playoffs ....they didn't win but the girls never gave up!

And two nights ago, Nick was awarded Silver Honors!  He'll be going into the 9th grade next year and attending the high school!  OMG~~~

I feel really old now!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

What I've been doing.....

Days are going by so fast and I don't have much to show for it!  Earlier this week Bob and I cleaned windows on the north side of the house...I used to hang out the window(s) to clean but it freaked Bob out so now we take off the screens and hose them off.  Then Bob uses a squeegee on a pole to clean the windows.  I can do the upper deck ones easily and the door walls (we have 3).   At least our windows are clean on one side of the house!

And then we rewarded ourselves with a pitcher of  Margarita's and Mexican dinner!!  I'll wash windows each week for margaritas'!  HA

I also did some free motion stitching on my solar prints, as all the hand embroidery is finished. I still have to do some free motion in the borders but I'm making headway!   The colors aren't that great on these pics. I took them with my phone but didn't change any of the settings.

I not finished with the free motion on this piece yet....

  I also found some Handeze Flex-fit wrist/finger wraps in my sewing room!!  I vaguely remember buying these several, several years ago.  Think my Q Bud, Susan, recommended them to I've been wearing them to do everything. I even wore a rubber glove on my left hand the other day over the wrap when I bathed Kalee!  Gotta do what works, right!