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Monday, June 6, 2016

Solar prints done...

Well, the solar prints are 99% finished.  I just need to add binding/facing and they can be put in the 'finished pile'!  HA

It's hard to tell but I did free motion quilting in the borders are each panel.  I didn't want the quilting in the border to stand out (guess I did a good job!  HA) so I used black on the purple piece and the one above.  The first piece I used a maroon rayon thread.

Saturday I made a new 3D snowflake for the front door.  Two reasons...first, the snowflake I made last fall 'kinda' fell apart...who knew the glue would melt?  Our house sitters had the snowflake on the counter when we got back from Florida.  Seems the sun beating on the glass door just melted some of the glue.  I did repair it but thought....why not just make a new one for the summer/fall season!  So that's what I did!

The orange is really more orange than in this picture, as is the green...more green...but you get the idea.  Looks good...let's see how well it holds up in the Michigan summer!!!


  1. The solar print pieces are especially wonderful!!!

  2. Very pretty pieces! Interesting about the hot glue- I thought once it dried it was a permanent "glob". Live and learn.

  3. Now I am going to have to look at earlier posts to see how you did these! They look fabulous.

    Never thought about glue melting....really....

  4. Your sun prints look wonderful and I can imagine how happy you are to have them completed...after all your wrist issues.
    You really did hide the FMQ.
    I wondered how hot melt glue would hold up through the seasons. I think fabric glue would hold up well, however might be too much double to hold it while it dries.
    Happy Summer Sunshine Smiles...

  5. I love these prints! It's so cool that more colors are possible than in "the old days"!


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