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Thursday, June 2, 2016

What I've been doing.....

Days are going by so fast and I don't have much to show for it!  Earlier this week Bob and I cleaned windows on the north side of the house...I used to hang out the window(s) to clean but it freaked Bob out so now we take off the screens and hose them off.  Then Bob uses a squeegee on a pole to clean the windows.  I can do the upper deck ones easily and the door walls (we have 3).   At least our windows are clean on one side of the house!

And then we rewarded ourselves with a pitcher of  Margarita's and Mexican dinner!!  I'll wash windows each week for margaritas'!  HA

I also did some free motion stitching on my solar prints, as all the hand embroidery is finished. I still have to do some free motion in the borders but I'm making headway!   The colors aren't that great on these pics. I took them with my phone but didn't change any of the settings.

I not finished with the free motion on this piece yet....

  I also found some Handeze Flex-fit wrist/finger wraps in my sewing room!!  I vaguely remember buying these several, several years ago.  Think my Q Bud, Susan, recommended them to I've been wearing them to do everything. I even wore a rubber glove on my left hand the other day over the wrap when I bathed Kalee!  Gotta do what works, right!


  1. Progress on your projects- good news. I remember those Hand-eze gloves. Wonder if I have a pair around somewhere. I also recall one quilter wore hers inside out so the seam did not press into her wrist. Might be a good thing when you put the rubber gloves over them? I like the border fabrics you chose for each project.

  2. I know what you mean about the days flying by. We work everyday until Terry is whipped, then I find things to do inside. Later, we go out to the pond to admire our accomplishments. Summer is just the BEST time of the's not summer yet you say? Well, 85 degrees is summer for me no matter what the calendar says!
    xx, Carol

  3. Dealing with the aftermath of a (so far) disappointing cataract surgery, and another bad cold…….I’m totally impressed with your accomplishments. But it is the margaritas that called to me the most!


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