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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A kids post or a post about kids!

We have always been so proud of our children and our grand children...this year it's a lot of pride for the grand kids!

Kayla & Nate's wedding is only 8 days away and everyone is excited about this milestone in all of our lives!  Kayla is the 1st of the grand kids to be married and with the wedding planning taking over a year, we're all really excited for this event!  I can only imagine how excited Kayla and Nate are!

Earlier this week, Amber received her Varsity letter for Lacrosse!  Hard to believe she's going to be a junior next year!!!

And I  finally got to see Amber play a varsity game last weekend!!  They were in the playoffs ....they didn't win but the girls never gave up!

And two nights ago, Nick was awarded Silver Honors!  He'll be going into the 9th grade next year and attending the high school!  OMG~~~

I feel really old now!!!!


  1. Oh wow! Just yesterday you were posting about playing video games with them when the spent the weekend with you. Kids, grands and pups...the best food for your soul.
    xx, Carol

  2. All wonderful events and achievements!

  3. Being very proud of your children and grandchildren and family members is such a great reward for all the parenting you have done and don so very well. Enjoy every moment dear for they go all too quickly. Margaritas Anyone???

  4. I kmow. Joey is go8ng to high school this fall. So hard to fathom!


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