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Friday, June 24, 2016

A modern quilt? Maybe!

So, as I was trying to get to sleep the other night, I got thinking about some of the modern quilts I've seen.  I haven't made a 'quilt' size quilt in quite sometime.  So that, along with pictures of modern quilts in my head (to put me to sleep!) I decided to start making one on Thursday!

This was my start!  I knew I wanted to use white cotton sateen for the background and wanted something bright AND I wanted to use hex's in the quilt!   So, I started to slice and dice, as they say!

I purchased these fabrics while in  Florida to make the wine cozies for my sister and friends.  Just happen to have enough to cut into wedges for my blocks.

Yes, the girls had to help!  Actually, we had to have our air conditioner replaced today so the girls were watching out the window at the servicemen.  Kept them occupied!

These are the blocks I made, which measure 12" x 16" up I looked in my stash of hex's already made up...I did find some to go with my color theme but I needed more so I made a few more from the scrap fabric I had left from the wedges.

And this is what I've come up with so far!  Looks like a lot of hex's but not least I don't think so at the moment.

So far I have the two rows sewn to white blocks, which will have hex's on them, as well as the borders.   I already know how I'm going to quilt the piece...I'll outline the hex's and continue with the hex 'outline' throughout the piece...quilting in white thread, of course...or perhaps teal.  I must still have our grand daughter's wedding party color in my head!  HA

OK, I really don't know the layout for the hex's yet.  That will have to take place tonight or tomorrow night when I'm trying to fall asleep!  I accomplish a lot at my head!


  1. What a great concept….combining the hexies with the bold colorful slices…….you are onto something!!1

  2. I like the slice blocks- they resemble tree limbs. Keep going! Looking out the window must be like watching tv for the girls!

  3. Ooh I love these colors together. You really are creating a beautiful modern quilt. Your girls look quite cool and comfortable.

  4. The slices remind me of beach grass. Great start to your new quilt!

  5. You were surprised once to learn that I have never made a quilt. Well, taking Kathy Shaw's traditional quilt class on line has been pretty educational. I always knew that I would not want to make traditional quilts, though I like to look at them. I am loving what you are doing with this quilt. Contemporary and scrappy definitely in my future..
    xx, Carol

    BTW, I'm lucky that my 100 pound dogs lay at my side and don't try to get on my sewing table!! They sure keep you company, don't they!


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