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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Bob is off for his annual Father's Day golf tournament.  I'm headed to the kids for Darrin's smoked brisket!  I'm making a layered salad to take and it will be nice to have all the kids around.  We'll be missing both Jeff and Bob due to their golf but we'll bring them each home a plate!!

We were up or at least awake at 5:30 a.m.  Our morning ritual is Kalee wakes up between 5:30-6 and jumps off the bed to go to Gigi's crate.  Then Bob or I get up and let Gigi out so she can join us in bed!  She loves to snuggle and settles down quickly to go back to sleep. Usually we all go back to sleep for a few more minutes!
This morning Bob got out of bed at 6 and 'we' girls followed shortly.  Had our dog walk at 7:30 when Bob left as the temp was only 61!  Got some of my salad fixings prepped for today.  Now I'm just this Mother's Day or Father's Day!  HA  Just need some time to that's what dogs and I are doing.

It's been in the high 80's every day!  UGH...10 a.m. and it's already up to 79!!  Are we in Florida or Michigan!!!


  1. Happy Father's Day Family Time. Good food and and quality time together is the best.

  2. Kalee and Gigi start your day! What a pair. Have been noticing your warm temps. Where our son live in NY is supposed to be several degrees warmer than here today. Our June has been unusually hot as well. Good they got the golf in early.

  3. Wonderful..
    I have also started blogging and would love to share such stuff with readers. The LookBook


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