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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another idea!

Last year when I was writing my Bead Painting article for QA magazine, I included was a tip on a tray for holding your beads while beading!

 This was a tip that Mary Stori so kindly shared with me, as well as others (and I also acknowledged Mary in the article for the tip).  Mary recommended using an embroidery hoop and place some type of foam or material that your beads will sit quietly on.  At least if they roll together they won't roll on the floor!  Plus, you have a place for your needle and thread.

I love Mary's idea but in working on my Blue Squirrel, because I'm using so many different colors and sizes of beads, they tend to roll together....don't forget I have dogs that jump onto my lap at the most inconvenient times!  I mentioned this to Bob and asked him to think of a way we can divide the area so my beads won't mix with each other.

So this is what my hubby came up with!  

He used four different lids and placed some foam inside each lid.  He's also going to put small tabs of Velcro on the bottom of each lid so they will stay in position in case I tip the embroidery hoop ever so slightly!  Again, do I need to mention my dogs again!  I am really pleased with this thanks for the starting point, Mary!  And thanks, Bob for your idea!  I'll keep you posted as to any updates to this new bead tray!

Also, I'm starting on another solar print!  Why you say?  Why not I say!


  1. Robbie……what a very clever addition using foam covered lids to separate bead colors/styles!! Tx’s for the acknowledgment…that was kind of you!

  2. Cool solution to your rolling beads and jumping dogs. I don't have that dog problem. I like to use glazed plant saucers for the beads. They stack nicely and take up little space on my bead tray.
    xx, Carol

  3. Great ideas for anyone who suffers from falling beads! Thank you Robbie, Bob and Mary. This is why the blog-world is so great...sharing of ideas and techniques and tutorials. Happy Beading Dear...

  4. I love the idea of adding the foam-lined lids! Very clever.


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