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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Knitting progress


We've had some snow this week and actually had a white Christmas, which was beautiful!  

This is our view from the dining room...we have woods all along our back yard, which is so beautiful no matter what time of year.  Deer walk through the woods and then jump the farm fence and travel throughout our sub!  We see them on our security camera often!  Even when the security light comes on, they just look up and keep on grazing or cute!

Of course, there was football (which I love) and basketball (which I do not love!  HA) on TV for the past few I did take some time off  from housework, chores and sat watching football and knitted!  I'm making progress on my cotton T...I may finish by spring afterall!  

The color doesn't show up correctly and I haven't altered or adjusted it.  The yarn is a pale lime's really a pretty color and I usually wear spring colors, so I am happy with this choice.

This is the lace pattern...of course, the top will be blocked and the pattern will show up even more...I think!  HA

I need to add the sleeves, which I have  just started.  That dark green yarn you see is my 'life line'...just in case I make a mistake, I can 'unrip' to those 54 stitches and start over!  HA  Ask me how many times in knitting I have used a 'life line'...and how many times I didn't put in a life line and needed it!  Takes me awhile but I am learning!  HA

The sleeves will have the same lace pattern  that is on the bottom of the T.  Now I just hope this bugger fits correctly!  You never know!!!!  

Sunday, December 27, 2020

A 2020 Zoom Christmas!

 Thank goodness for modern technology!  I am sure most of us took advantage of Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo and all the other apps available to see and celebrate with our family and friends this Christmas.  Yes, it was unusual but I am so thankful at least we could see and talk with the kids.  

Bob and I delivered presents to the kids house the day before Christmas Eve.  It was a beautiful day for a drive...sunny, blue sky and clean roads!  HA  Christmas Eve is the day we usually have my kids over to celebrate with food, of course, presents and that laughter!  This year instead of in person, we had a fun filled Zoom session!  Lots of laughter, which is normal for the kids!    I'm being a good "mum" and not posting one of the pics Amber took...either my SIL, Jeff, or my daughter will kill me!  HA

The kids gave us presents  (MaryJo/Ron's gifts arrived via mail!!) as well and LOTS and LOTS of cookies....I finally put some of the cookies in the freezer!  My walking bud, Donna, also gave us some yummy cookies but we almost finished eating those!  Every cookie was/is so good which made it difficult to walk past the trays of cookies without grabbing one!  So many special and great gifts!  We are SO, SO lucky to have such great kids!!!

Christmas Day is our normal get together with Bob's daughter, Diane and her hubby, Don.  So we did a Zoom session!  Again, this worked out great!  We had a nice visit and kids got to open their presents.    It was kinda funny with the dogs...Diane has a Basset rescue, Zoe and of course we have our two.  Well, once one of the dogs started barking they were all barking.  For the most part we ignored them but it was cute that each household could hear the other household dog barks!  

Later Christmas Day we had our final Zoom session of the day with the kids in Ohio!  Bob's son, Ron and DIL, MaryJo, live in Indiana but they were spending the weekend with Kayla/Nate and our grandson, Ian at K & N's house in Ohio.  Worked out great so  they were all together....we didn't get a Zoom pic but kids sent this picture of the family.  

All in all a nice visit with the kids BUT...their Christmas present that was mailed on 12/11 never reached the kids house in Indiana for them to take with them to Ohio!  😝  So frustrating...and I understand our Christmas cards didn't make it to our family and friends either and they were mailed on 12/13!  

And how cute is this!  Rilynn got an 'electric' car!  Right now they are driving it for her remotely but soon she'll be doing all the driving!

Isn't this the sweetest chef!!!  Rilynn got the kitchen set behind her!  Just sad we have only seen her in person once...but again, thank goodness for Zoom, FaceBook and Instagram!
At least we could see and talk to the kids this year even if not in person!!!  Yes, it was a different Christmas but certainly makes us appreciate the time we have with family.  And I am still planning a Christmas in July dinner!  Might have to work around Nick's graduation party but we'll do it!!!  Covid...go away!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Hubby's Christmas gift 2020!


Bob and I don't exchange Christmas gifts nor do we buy for our birthday's, etc.  but I like to get Bob just a little something...his favorite candy (which he got for his birthday)  is the norm...and this year I got him a car!  

Bob has a new winter interest since he can't fly his planes...they are little race trucks and cars. OK, this present is  not like his other car or truck he can race...but I figured with all these parts it should keep him busy!


Dogs love them!  HA    This is one of the 'real' trucks he has to race.  He'll race them around the upstairs and downstairs he has  whole racing course set up!  

New car!

37 pieces...think this will keep hubby busy!

Directions??  Hmmmmm, who ever reads directions!  Guess we'll see!

Next post will be our time with the kids...via Zoom!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happpy New Year


Looking forward to the new year!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Still in countdown mode


Yep, I'm still in countdown mode...a week to go...I have finished wrapping the Michigan kids presents but they aren't under the tree!  

Why you ask?  Well, there's no tree up!  HA  I decided since we're not getting with the kids that there's no point in putting up the tree.  BUT, as I said before, I am/will have a Christmas in July!  Covid or not...we'll meet out on the deck and the tree will be up!

I have been back knitting (after ripping out some lace stitches - but so has my sister so I don't feel so bad!).  The top is coming along.  Looks weird here but there will be sleeves and the same lace pattern on the bottom of the sleeves.  Also, if you notice there appears to be some stitches on the left side (pic), those are for the waist area.  They are on both sides but the way I laid the top out only the right (on your left in the pic!  HA).  Anyway, I'm getting there...

I really like this lace pattern.  The yarn is cotton so it will be interesting how it blocks out.  See those two little stitches on the top?  Those are for the waist area.  

And check out my yarn bowl I finally got!!!  

I love, love pottery made by Amy Droste (she has an Etsy shop here).  I'm fortunate that Amy only lives about 5 miles from me so I can go to her studio to purchase items.  Otherwise, I do catch her at some of the local art fairs to pick up gifts. 

Amy's pottery coffee mug


I also love her coffee mugs.  They have this little area on the handle part where you rest your thumb!!  I've bought several of these for gifts throughout the years.  Love my mug!!!  All are dishwasher and microwave safe!  I've had my mug for several years now.  Some also come with lids, which is so nice to keep your coffee hot!

If you're looking for a birthday or just a gift for a friend or relative, check out her Etsy site...too late for Christmas now for items to be shipped...ask me how I know this!   But a good site to bookmark for future gifts!  

We mailed the kids in Indiana last Friday  (11th) their gifts.  The box is STILL at the Allen Park distribution center in Michigan (about 50 miles from us!).  And they can't guarantee delivery for Christmas!  Actually, I don't care, I just don't want the pkg lost!!!!  UGH

Friday, December 11, 2020

Two weeks until Christmas! WHAT!!!

 Hard to believe it will be  Christmas in two weeks!  Doesn't seem like the holidays at all...and this is the first year I have NOT put up my Christmas tree!  Yet...that is...I'm working on talking myself into it.  It just might be the Christmas tree and nothing else but I have to do something.  And I don't have my Christmas cards ready yet.  Hope to print out my mailing labels and start writing in the cards for family and friends!  

I have finished one gift for our great grand daughter, Rilynn.  I made her a fabric photo book.  Here is a little animation I made of the pages.  

 It really took me quite a bit of time...I forgot how much time it takes.  But it's done, wrapped and in the mail along with the other presents for the kids who live in Indiana.  We're going to Zoom with them for opening their presents.  Can't wait!  Guess I am getting in the spirit of Christmas!  HA

Sunday, December 6, 2020

What a pleasant surprise!


It's Christmas card time (no, my aren't out yet!) and look at one of the very pretty cards I received this weekend! 

It's from Sherry E. who has been an Internet friend for several years!  Sherry had a blog for several years, so some of my readers may remember her from my posts as well as her blog (Createology).  She's now moved out west and is only on FaceBook.  Sherry is working again in watercolor, which always impresses me to see watercolor work!  Her card is an original watercolor picture!  

I love this little color wheel! And using the coffee filter for a holder along with her painted heart!  How clever.  

I asedk Sherry if I could post her gift to me and she agreed.  She also said she gives credit to Lori at the Elvie Studio for the idea.  

 Do check out Sherry's Facebook page and see some of her creative endeavors.  She paints, sews and works in so many different mediums!  Very impressive!

 I always enjoy receiving these special gifts from Sherry.  Just knowing it's made from her heart and sent to her friends...those she knows in person and those she only knows from the internet!  Thank you again my friend!!!  I cherish each and every pkg I've received from you!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Beautiful sunsets and nothing else!


No, not much going on here at the ranch!  But we are having some beautiful sunsets lately!  I know several of my friends have posted on FB pictures and so did I!  This was the picture from our dining room slider while we were eating dinner the other night!

This was taken outside our front door to across the street.  The color was vivid red, which doesn't show up here...too bad as it was beautiful!

I didn't walk out into the street but you get the idea!  You can also see 99% of the snow is gone too!  Donna and I walked 2 miles today.  A little windy but at least we got outside in the fresh air!

I'm in the process of knitting the lace pattern on my cotton T pictures yet...just started!  But hope to soon.  I'm in the process of making a cloth photo book for our great grand daughter for Christmas!  Geeezzz  Just selecting the pictures to print on white fabric, then cutting them apart.  Now I'm ready to add fabric to the sides, after I decide the size!  I need to have finished in a week so I can get their Christmas packages in the mail!  Just a little pressure!  

PT is going - 2 to 3 days a week...some days it's still so painful to sleep at night or to lift my arms...I'm doing exercises and applying ice in bed at night and throughout the night when I wake up.  I purchased a new gel pack which is great as the cold stays up to 6 hours!  Perfect for me!  I don't have to get out of bed to get an ice pack!  HA  

And, some of you are followers of Nancy over at Quilting Potpourri....if you haven't seen her recent post, check it out.  She's made several adorable pin cushions!!!!  Do check what she has made here.