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Friday, December 11, 2020

Two weeks until Christmas! WHAT!!!

 Hard to believe it will be  Christmas in two weeks!  Doesn't seem like the holidays at all...and this is the first year I have NOT put up my Christmas tree!  Yet...that is...I'm working on talking myself into it.  It just might be the Christmas tree and nothing else but I have to do something.  And I don't have my Christmas cards ready yet.  Hope to print out my mailing labels and start writing in the cards for family and friends!  

I have finished one gift for our great grand daughter, Rilynn.  I made her a fabric photo book.  Here is a little animation I made of the pages.  

 It really took me quite a bit of time...I forgot how much time it takes.  But it's done, wrapped and in the mail along with the other presents for the kids who live in Indiana.  We're going to Zoom with them for opening their presents.  Can't wait!  Guess I am getting in the spirit of Christmas!  HA


  1. How can it be just two weeks?? The fabric book is wonderful- such a treasure of a gift.

  2. What a wonderful present, such a great idea. I'm so sorry to hear of the tough time everyone is having over there at the moment.

  3. It’s fantastic Robbie….what a keepsake!! And a little dig…..though the Packer/Lions game wasn’t on TV here…..I cheered along as I streamed the audio online…..Happy for the Pack, and sorry for Lions fans. I do love your QB though…class act!

  4. That book is so sweet -- a true labor of love. I hope you get your tree up soon! With all this hunkering in place, my tree and lights are going to be up for me to enjoy for months.

  5. What a darling and clever she will keep forever I'm sure!


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