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Friday, December 18, 2020

Still in countdown mode


Yep, I'm still in countdown mode...a week to go...I have finished wrapping the Michigan kids presents but they aren't under the tree!  

Why you ask?  Well, there's no tree up!  HA  I decided since we're not getting with the kids that there's no point in putting up the tree.  BUT, as I said before, I am/will have a Christmas in July!  Covid or not...we'll meet out on the deck and the tree will be up!

I have been back knitting (after ripping out some lace stitches - but so has my sister so I don't feel so bad!).  The top is coming along.  Looks weird here but there will be sleeves and the same lace pattern on the bottom of the sleeves.  Also, if you notice there appears to be some stitches on the left side (pic), those are for the waist area.  They are on both sides but the way I laid the top out only the right (on your left in the pic!  HA).  Anyway, I'm getting there...

I really like this lace pattern.  The yarn is cotton so it will be interesting how it blocks out.  See those two little stitches on the top?  Those are for the waist area.  

And check out my yarn bowl I finally got!!!  

I love, love pottery made by Amy Droste (she has an Etsy shop here).  I'm fortunate that Amy only lives about 5 miles from me so I can go to her studio to purchase items.  Otherwise, I do catch her at some of the local art fairs to pick up gifts. 

Amy's pottery coffee mug


I also love her coffee mugs.  They have this little area on the handle part where you rest your thumb!!  I've bought several of these for gifts throughout the years.  Love my mug!!!  All are dishwasher and microwave safe!  I've had my mug for several years now.  Some also come with lids, which is so nice to keep your coffee hot!

If you're looking for a birthday or just a gift for a friend or relative, check out her Etsy site...too late for Christmas now for items to be shipped...ask me how I know this!   But a good site to bookmark for future gifts!  

We mailed the kids in Indiana last Friday  (11th) their gifts.  The box is STILL at the Allen Park distribution center in Michigan (about 50 miles from us!).  And they can't guarantee delivery for Christmas!  Actually, I don't care, I just don't want the pkg lost!!!!  UGH


  1. Love your sensible approach to moving Christmas to July!!!

  2. Christmas in July is a great idea! Have a Merry Christmas this month anyway.

  3. Love the idea of a knitting bowl...such a clever way to keep yarn untangled...Have a happy holiday and an even better one in July!


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