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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Beautiful sunsets and nothing else!


No, not much going on here at the ranch!  But we are having some beautiful sunsets lately!  I know several of my friends have posted on FB pictures and so did I!  This was the picture from our dining room slider while we were eating dinner the other night!

This was taken outside our front door to across the street.  The color was vivid red, which doesn't show up here...too bad as it was beautiful!

I didn't walk out into the street but you get the idea!  You can also see 99% of the snow is gone too!  Donna and I walked 2 miles today.  A little windy but at least we got outside in the fresh air!

I'm in the process of knitting the lace pattern on my cotton T pictures yet...just started!  But hope to soon.  I'm in the process of making a cloth photo book for our great grand daughter for Christmas!  Geeezzz  Just selecting the pictures to print on white fabric, then cutting them apart.  Now I'm ready to add fabric to the sides, after I decide the size!  I need to have finished in a week so I can get their Christmas packages in the mail!  Just a little pressure!  

PT is going - 2 to 3 days a week...some days it's still so painful to sleep at night or to lift my arms...I'm doing exercises and applying ice in bed at night and throughout the night when I wake up.  I purchased a new gel pack which is great as the cold stays up to 6 hours!  Perfect for me!  I don't have to get out of bed to get an ice pack!  HA  

And, some of you are followers of Nancy over at Quilting Potpourri....if you haven't seen her recent post, check it out.  She's made several adorable pin cushions!!!!  Do check what she has made here.  

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  1. The often flat landscape of the midwest helps to provide such beautiful glowing sunsets….I miss that. Sorry to hear the healing progress is so slow with your shoulder….darn it! And finally, yes, Nancy’s pincushions are so darn cute…I enjoyed seeing them too.


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