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Saturday, November 28, 2020

A week in my life!


It's been a fairly busy week...just normal stuff...dogs, hubby, knitting, cooking...more cooking...cleanup...more cleanup.  You get the picture!  Knitting is coming along, although I haven't knitted in a few days.  I'll be starting on the lace pattern next.  It's on the bottom as well as about 3 or more inches of lace pattern on the sleeves.  

Thanksgiving was different for us this year, as it was for most of the states!  We did get to do a Zoom video call with Darrin and his family.  Poor Dawn woke up with a severe migraine!  She still cooked dinner for her and Jeff...Amber came home from school this past Tuesday and will be home until after January 3rd.  Good to see some of the kids at least!

Thanksgiving dinner was just for Bob and I (and I made a dish for our neighbors dog sitter who was watching their 3 dogs until this weekend).   We each cooked for ourselves rather than take a chance ad expose each other to Covid.  You just don't know!!!
Turkey is always good and I made a new recipe for Cornbread stuffing, which I loved.  Bob wasn't so sure as he is not one for change!  HA  I did make half and half cornbread and toasted bread cubes.  And I made a sweet potato pie which turned out really good too! 

Of course the girls are depressed because it's been raining so much that they don't get out for their walks.  I am starting to do our lessons from the Recallers online class I did several years ago with Susan Garrett's dog training classes, which I loved!  I still have the DVD and my book from the class so I can at least give the girls some exercise once or twice a day by doing a lesson or two!  And I did 2 miles on the treadmill today - not as much fun at all compared to walking with my bud, Donna!

Bob's son and wife, MaryJo visited the grands in Indiana for Thanksgiving.  Hope they are safe from Covid.  I know the four of them are super cautious so I am sure they'll be fine.  We just didn't want to take a chance. 

This is the first year in over 18+ years that I don't have the Christmas tree and decorations up!  I am planning on pulling out the decorations on Sunday as long as the shoulder can handle it...but that's a whole other post!  It's getting better...I'm just not patient and trying to sleep at night is worse than it was just being an old lady!  Pain wakes you up and you can't get back to sleep...but it could be worse.  So keep moving on, right!

Hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and were safe!


  1. Well it was a different holiday for sure! I've never made cornbread stuffing- might have to try that some time, though I'm not a big stuffing fan overall. You made good progress on your knitting! Sorry about the shoulder- sure hope that gets some relief soon.

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  2. Your plate looks mighty tasty to me……and yes to Cornbread stuffing! Hey….listen to your body…..don’t destroy your shoulder healing by decorating too vigorously!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, rest that shoulder and it will recover more quickly.

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