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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Screen printing crows

This past summer, in Hilary's online class, we worked with adding  pencil/crayon/etc. to a photo we transferred onto our dyed/painted papers.

I've shown these before on my blog..

They were each fun to do and a perfect practice for my next project.

 Playing this weekend with my thermofax crow screen.  I had a reverse thermofax screen made of the original picture from my friend in Florida.  I just love this picture..not sure why...but I do!    

I printed this piece earlier this week and decided to extend some of the areas with paint.  See why our summer lesson gave me the inspiration to work on this print!  

Even with this printed on fabric,  I didn't think threadwork would be enough on its own to enhance the tree/limbs, hence the use of paint. 

  I just wanted to play with the screen to see if it's going to work out for another project. 

And my finished square.  It's only 12"x12" so I won't put on canvas...but I will finish with machine quilting.  And maybe add some more limbs!  Love playing!!!!  

On the arm front...I had my eval on the shoulder...think it's rotator cuff tendonitis.  I have exercises to do twice a day and 2 PT's next week and 1 the following week.  I am sleeping better at night, thank goodness...only waking up every few hours like normal but not waking up to so much pain you want to cry!  Makes me feel like a wimp!  Still knitting...but that's for another post!!


  1. These pieces really stretch your creativity muscles. Looks very nice. I like those birds. Hope the shoulder problem improves. You don't want that slowing you down!

  2. I love what you've done with extending the screen image with paint....really clever. A lovely print...should be so pretty with quilting. Hoping your shoulder improves and the PT works for you.

  3. First what promising shoulder news…..sounds far more fixable than having to endure surgery. Absolutely love the additional paint effects……your already fabulous skills continue to grow.


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