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Friday, November 20, 2020

Back to screen printing

 My PT appointment was rescheduled (ugh!) so decided to do some screen printing.  Our lesson this week is to work on our design either in fabric or paper(s)...then the addition of silhouettes.  Since I'm not sure of which design I want to use.....figured I would just play with my thermofax screens of the crows.  I had a reverse image made from the original by Jane Dunnewold.    So this is my playtime this week.  

Yes, I am hung up on the 'crow' stencil.  These were printed on poster board

This was a small patchwork piece I made up for a design I was doing for the 12"x12" challenge.  I wanted to see how well the thermofax screen would print up.  I'm quite happy with it.  Next I'll use paint to draw in more of the tree(s) and large trunk.  Well, at least that's what I'm thinking I can do!!!

This was a wax screen I had made in Hilary's online class several months ago.  These remain on the screen and I love being able to just print with them and not having to come up with a design!  Actually this is on fabric, which I had printed the crows on but I didn't do a good job so the print wasn't that great.  It's a good background piece now!

These are on paper...bottom one is overdyed and reprinted with the thermofax screen.

The reverse crow print.  Just love this.  I'll over dye this paper along with some above.  

So a fun day and didn't take all that long.  Now to decide what I really want to do for our year project.  Might take me two years to decide!

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