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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Thermofax and silhouettes

 A few weeks ago in Hilary's online class, we were playing around with creating and possibly using silhouettes.  I posted about some pics I was using as well as a silhouette I printed on transparency film.  I used it to overlay on top of a paper collage which you can see here:  crow transparency overlay.  

One of the ladies in our online group suggested I get a thermofax screen made and that's what I did!  Actually, I had two screens made by June Dunnewold's online service.  I have to say they were great at making sure the jpg I sent was going to work properly and then quick service!!  I was dealing with K Wayne and this person was fantastic!!!  I definitely would recommend their service if you want some thermofax screens.  

Here is the  willow thermofax screen (I had both images made in two sizes -  5"x7" and 8"x10" - finished sizes) 

This is the crow screen better known as Bill's Crows, HA.

  Hilary did suggest (after seeing some of these prints) that I should have had a reverse image as well.  DUH!  I may have to dig into the old grocery $$'s and get each image in reverse!

I decided to play with the screens and almost forgot what to do or, really, what to use!  I started off with some paint but decided to use my thicken procion dyes instead.  Of course, I/we always have some thicken dyes left don't we!

Sure...I figured I'd just go for it and print on top of one of my paper collages...wrong! 

 Not a good result but I can use paint and brush in areas to make the image better.  At least I think I can!

This was another painted/dyed paper I had.  I only printed on this piece twice.  Not bad....just playing.

This was a screen print/overdyed paper I wanted to try printing on

OOPS!  Well, I did get one area covered!!!  I'll try to over print on this one.  The paper is coated with a wax type material to keep the dyes on the paper from running.  I think that's the reason I didn't get a good print.  But really...who washes their paper collages!  HA

This was the larger screen used to print on paper.

I mixed some blue along with the black and I really like the image.  These were the smaller screens printed on 9"x12" layout paper.

These were printed on some old soda soaked fabric I had in my dye room.  I'm hoping the image will keep as sharp as it looks now but to be honest, because I wasn't thinking!  Or remembering...I didn't batch these...I just laid the fabric out to dry.  Guess we'll see when I rinse it!

This was the willow screen I used.  It printed out very well too.

Next up I decided to print on another paper collage...

I had better results with these print.  Now to extend out the trees and branches using paint or a paint stick??  Who knows...but I'm on a roll!


  1. I have to say, I’m kinda pea green…….nice to know about this service!

  2. I love the silk screens...they add so much...some great prints!

  3. I am just amazed at the work you are doing! It looks so intricate and complex.


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