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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Yes, I am a bit of a nut when it comes to knitting!

 I've been working off and on trying to start my latest knitting project  (you can see that post here).  I also mentioned I had contacted Susanna, the designer, to ask about a new stitch, which I didn't know how to make.

 Well, I mastered that stitch and so glad I had the sense to ask her!  I'm familiar with the M1R and M1L but didn't know how to knit M1BR or BL...which, for those who don't knit just means to knit in the row below right or left.  It really does make a nice pattern for the sleeves for increasing and creating a raglan sleeve. 

This pattern is worked from the top down...the ribbing is actually a yoke/cowl and now I'm working on knitting the front/back and raglan sleeves.  

 Now for the "nut" part of my title.  I knit mostly at night while watching TV and at times have either added stitches or dropped a stitch because I wasn't careful...yes, that's being honest.  

I happened to look at my current piece and WHAT!!  How did that hole get there without me seeing it!!!  And look at the stitches above the hole!  What is that!!!

So, what else to do but rip out!!!  I actually thought I could rip back to the hole but then I started to look/count the sections and holy heck...I was off in two sections.  Instead of trying to figure out where I messed up I decided to start over.....Yep...I ripped out entirely and start over.  I'm so glad I did.  


After I ripped out and started over, I was concerned about the sleeve and front/back sections and the increases for the stitch count, so what else is a gal to do!  Make up a cheat chart!  Yep...I figured out how many stitches in each of the 34 rows for the section I'm working on now!  And it's working out great!!!  Haven't dropped, added or missed my M1BR or BL (yet!). 

I know this is silly for those of you who knit all the time but being self taught I have to do what works for me and this is working!  Took some math!  HA  But I'm on a roll now!  I may just do this for any other section that's adding so many stitches in the sections.  A little time consuming but for me it's just what I need to keep on tract!  Yes, I get sidetracked easily!

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  1. Oh my gosh- and I thought seam ripping was a chore. This has it beat. There's a lot to keep track of and I'm sure I'd get off pattern in no time. Stay determined!


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