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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Knitting Time (again)!'s knitting least inbetween my online class work with Hilary.  I am still working on silhouette's and background inspiration(s)...but I've narrowed it down and that makes me excited!  Now to make a few small collage pieces on what I may want as my finished piece.  Until then, this is my latest knitted project!  The pattern is call 'Ixia' and was designed by Susanna IC (her web site is called ArtQualia) and this pattern is available on Ravelry.  

This is a picture of the lace pattern on the bottom hem as well as on the sleeves.  I'm hoping with the needles I'm using to obtain gauge that this T will fit!  That's always a concern!  

This is the yarn/color I'm knitting my T sister is also knitting the same pattern but she'll finish hers way before me!  I've only finished the yoke and will now start on the body/raglan sleeves.  The pattern is worked from the top down or up depending on how you look at it!  HA

One of the reasons I mention this designer (besides I loving her patterns!) but she was so kind as to answer emails I had on one of the stitches she uses in this pattern.  I had emailed that I was self taught so this stitch was 'new' to me.  Susanna was gracious enough to link me up to a YouTube that certainly explained a funny way, but it worked!  And, come to find out, Susanna is self taught!  WHAT!  I was shocked to hear have to see some of her patterns/designs!  She does quite a lot of lace work,which ya all know I love now!  For those followers, who are knitters, check out her web page or Raverly.  

And to show some beautiful fall color from Michigan!  How about this fall picture, taken from our DIL, Kris! It's a picture of our grandson, Nick, with his Jeep and his latest finished project of adding a "Lift pkg" and big tires! No, I don't know what all that means other than I will need someone to help me get up into Nick's Jeep for my next ride!


  1. So you're working your way down to the lace? Very pretty and I like the yarn color you chose. From all I've seen, fall is very colorful and extra pretty this year. Nick looks so mature now, and that's some set of wheels! You will need a step stool.

  2. It's a pretty pattern and of course I love that yarn color. I often wish that I had taken the time to learn to knit proficiently when I was young. Now I don't want to learn time consuming things. I'd rather work on what I know and improve my skills. Great pic!
    xx, Carol


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