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Monday, October 19, 2020

Sharing some beautiful work from a friend

I've mentioned my Florida friend, Verna, often on my blog.  Verna is one talented lady...she's known as the OP baker because she makes cakes friends birthday's.  Every cake she makes look and taste like something from a famous baker!  Verna is also an accomplished seamstress, quilter, heirloom sewer and hostess just to name a few!  Her workmanship is impeccable...I wish you could see some of her work in person but hope you'll enjoy some of her past and latest projects....of course, I'm showing some of her fantastic cooking/baking pics as well.  ENJOY!  With Verna's permission, I would like to introduce you to her again!  My talented friend, Verna!


This is the finished quilt Verna completed!  I think it is beautiful.  I've seen this in progress when we were in Florida and it is beautiful!!!
I love the scalloped edges!!  Again, workmanship is perfect!

Close up of the quilt blocks.

How many of us show the back of our work!  Well, this quilt can go either way!  How beautiful.

This is still the back of the quilt...but check out the pillows she made to go with the quilt!!

Some of the flowers she embroidered on her machine

This is the pattern she used for this quilt.  I love the colors Verna picked for this quilt!

Verna also does beautiful Heirloom sewing (Martha Pullen) and machine embroidery work.  Here are a few items she has made.

Again, workmanship is impeccable!

Hand delicate!

This is another current, finished project Verna completed.

this is the slip from the pattern! 

Are these adorable or what!!!!!

Verna is a wonderful hostess as you can see from one of the tea's she had for us a few years ago!

The food was delicious and just look at her table!  Martha Stewart doesn't have anything on Verna!  I think Martha may have met her match!

I almost forgot...Verna does the most beautiful calligraphy when addressing note cards, place cards or envelopes.  I love receiving an envelope from Verna!  Just beautiful!

This is a black velvet shoe bag Verna made for me!  I've used it a few times but now keep on my shelf so I can just look at it from time to time!  No more traveling for us!  HA

It is beautiful and so elegant...

And now introducing you to Verna the "baker extraordinaire"!  These are just some of her cakes from our past winters in Florida.  Verna would always make me a cake (as well as others in our group of 12).  I certainly do miss those days too!  

This was a chocolate/chocolate cake and it was delicious...hard for me to pick which cake I liked the best...have to say they are all SO good...but you know me and chocolate!

I believe this was a carrot cake and Verna is known for her carrot cakes!

Check out the beautiful, decorative flowers!

And tasted fantastic!  I think I ate most of it myself!

In 2019, our last winter in Florida, Verna and another bud came over to do some ice dyeing and it was a fun day.  I wished we would have done more playing with dyes/paints/etc. but I'll always remember the times I have spent with this lady...and she is a lady!  I hope you enjoyed meeting another one of my talented friends!  


  1. Verna is so multi-talented! wow. I remember seeing some of her cakes when you had various celebrations- and that tea table setting is like in a magazine. I bet you miss your Florida crew!

  2. Seems as if there is no end to Verna's talent, she sounds like a good friend too. Good friends can be hard to find.

  3. What an amazing the tea table and chocolate cake and...well everything takes my breath away. She sounds like a very thoughtful friend also.


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