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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

 We do have a great, even though small, sub where we live.  Just wanted to share some pics for this Halloween season. 

this is an elaborate Halloween decoration placed by a couple who recently moved to our sub.  Eric and Holly are the cutest couple and from what Eric has told us, they love to decorate for Halloween!

Is this so cute or what!

Holly said she found the fabric at JoAnne's and it worked perfectly for a spider web!

Yes, I am fixated on this herse!  And horse!

they even had a cemetery set up!

this is a side street between our two streets in our sub.  A group from both streets have a FB page and organized a Halloween party two weekends ago for kids and adults.  They had chili cookoff, pumpkin carving for kids, etc.  

Of course, Bob and I didn't was quite cool out!  And besides college football was on!  HA
It really is such a nice and quiet sub with good people.  I've always felt safe here and it's one mile around both streets so perfect for my walking bud, Donna, and I to walk around twice for our 2 mile walks!

Now just to wait for the influx of Trick or Treaters.  We are putting out a large container full of candy along with a sign telling kids to "take some and leave some for those coming behind" them.  No answering the door this year!  
We've had as few as 98 (in 2019) and as high as 298! in 2006.  Yes, I keep track and have done so since 1998...we had our home built in 1996 so I missed two years!    Happy Halloween!


  1. They outdid themselves with this display! What fun. My question that popped to mind is this- just where and how does one store a horse skeleton and a hearse??

  2. It’s great to see such fun festive celebrations of Halloween…….we will have our own here….’the husband’ is a Haloween baby. His Mom said she dreaded that day every year because not only do kids stuff their faces with candy…..the added birthday goodies generated one sick little boy nearly every year!!

  3. Unbelievable...and what fun to see during the season but GULP....where to store all that stuff!


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