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Thursday, August 17, 2023

We love our home town farmer's market!


Living in a small town/village has somany this summer is being able to walk to our own Farmer's Market.  It's held every Sunday (2p.m.-5p.m.) a mile from the house...actually shorter because we can cut through my friend's back yard to the church parking lot where the market is being held.  And that's what Donna and I do each Sunday!  

There is so many different options to purchase, from veggies, to desserts (yes, lots of desserts!), breads, plants, jewelry, wood working, etc.  I wanted to share some of the vendors that I was impressed with!  

First up, is MaryBeth, a delightful young lady who creates beautiful beaded earrings.  I was so impressed with her workmanship!!!!  

MaryBeth  creates indigenous beaded art, primarily earrings.   Her workmanship is outstanding.  I didn't get a better picture of additional pieces of her work.  I may have to take more pics next week.

You may be able to zoom in on MaryBeth's table and see more work on the left side.  

She doesn't have a website but is on Instagram.  Do check out her page here.  Her site is called @bubsbeadwork.  MaryBeth said they always have called her 'bub'!  I'm sure there's a story there!  

Next up is Wummel Design Co.   Another great vendor who does creates art using wood as their palette!  Nicholas' woodburning art is outstanding.  He achieves such detail on  beautiful wood, for example,  cherry wood.    

He also creates tables (white oak with black walnut), cutting boards, etc.  Do visit his web site to appreciate all that this couple create!  Christmas is time!

Jenny Shulskie makes the best breads!!!  I purchased her Jalapeno cheddar bread a few weeks ago and it's fantastic! 

Jenny doesn't have a FB page or web site but you can zoom in  on her sign and call her if interested!  

This is the bread I've purchased.  I ate half a loaf all by myself.  I love Jalapeno's so this bread was right up my alley!!!

Jenny also makes a honey whipped butter that is delicious on the cheddar bread!!!  

This is 'bitter melon'...I was curious as was another lady so we split the basket!  I looked up this veggie appears to be an Oriental veggie.  I saw different recipes for Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.  Will give it a try!

This was taken shortly after the market opened at 2 p.m.  So far, the attendance has been great and I think successful for the first year.  I sure hope more vendors will sign up for next year.  
I purchased some blueberry muffins from a couple and they were DELICIOUS!!!!  I'll have to find out the name of their farm!  I don't remember all of them...ha.
And, yes, I have purchased cakes, cookies, honey, peaches, pickles and other leaf, so good!  

Take advantage of small or large markets in your area.  So great to keep our folks farming and being productive members of our areas.