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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Paste Papers

Our CCC fiber group met on Thursday and we played around making 'paste papers'. That's ok..I didn't know what these were either! One of our members who teaches every art technique you can think of did a demo and brought most of the supplies need for us to each make some of these great papers. I'm posting a video at the end of this post which shows Joetta's hands at work! You basically use a print paste mixture; add pastels if you want; cover with acrylic paints and have fun!
The paper above is one Joetta made and used to cover a book with. She also teaches book making and I'm not talking about your paper bag books! Joetta makes books from leather and her own papers that are fabulous!

Here are some of our papers drying. Joetta's are all the larger pieces at the top. The rest of us worked in smaller sizes but I think they all turned out great. It was a fun evening and learning something new is always entertaining.
Today is Nick's 1st Communion and we'll be heading out soon to attend the service. It's decent out so far with temp in the low 50's and sun is out. So hard to believe these kids are getting older! Kayla is already 20, Ian will be 15 in May, Amber 12 in Aug. and Nick will be 8 in Sept. Yikes!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just another rainy day

At least folks had a nice Easter weekend with the weather. It was beautiful out but of course this is Michigan so you have to expect the weather to change daily. Although, the past 3 days, it's been pretty constant...cloudy and rainy. Yesterday temp did get up to 70! But rain..go figure. Not making my room mate happy as he's getting anxious to go golfing.
We did get our eye Dr. appointments changed and now I know why I'm ripping out more beading and stitching than I am beading or stitching! New glasses on their way in two weeks! I did get beading done on my BJP's wings and I'll pick up some #15's today for the top of his little head. Go figure, I don't have any black/dark gray for his top knot!

I also forgot to post the beautiful flowers Dawn and Jeff got me for Easter! I'll plant outside and see what happens! Aren't' they beautiful.

And this little lady was given to us last Easter by Kris when we got home from Florida. She's still sitting in our living room. She's just kinda cute, isn't she.

And check out the bird feeder Darrin, Kris and kids got us. I love the color and can't wait to see who come to visit. Right now we have our Robin sitting on her nest again. She nests in the same spot every year under our deck. Bob even goes as far as putting a piece of plastic on the deck floor to protect her and the babies from the rain. Don't works..that's why she comes back each year! HA

Today is the 1st morning we haven't had to run somewhere for appointments or errands. I will go and pick up kids from school today and stop at the bead store on the way. And I thought I was busy in Florida! Geez...that was doing fun things...back here it's our normal routine but at least we still have our health and can continue to 'run' errands, right!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Yep, I did the 1st cut on my redo of Georgia. I think I like my fabric choices on this one better than the 1st Georgia. Looks more like stained glass. AND using a batik (black) for the leading is SO much better. No fraying! Yippee!!

I keep deleting pictures I'm putting in this blog post so everything is out of order.

Yes we

did meet up with the Easter Bunny!
Nick didn't care too much for him but more on that later.

I also did some beading but I need to pick up some #15 black beads on Wed. to outline the head of my bird BJP (below) then onto filling in. I'm asked often "how long does it take to make a bird". A LONG TIME!, as all beaders know unless you put a stop watch beside you as you bead it's any ones guess on the hours. I've sat at night watching TV for several hours (at least 3 a night) and only got this far. It's stitching two beads at a time so....

And the bunny bracelet I made did fit Amber! And matched her fingernail polish and her dress! Now I'll have to make another one for next year for myself!

As far as a group family picture...I kept cutting one or more out each time so here's part of the family.

And the other part of the family! Minus 'Mum'! Nick was funny about the bunny but I think more so because we kept making a big deal about it. I have a picture of Nick standing next to the bunny when he was about four. So cute!

We really had a great breakfast at Chardonnay's in Oxford! The food was excellent and Bob said it was worth another trip if they offered the special again. I don't remember the omelet or frittata he had but it included spinach, ham, bacon, pepper, onion with a cream sauce. I did taste a piece and it was excellent. I had potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream, thick/crisp bacon and both were great! The blueberry pancakes were at least 3" high and tasted good too (yep, I took a taste of Amber's).

When we got home it was so nice out (61 degrees!) that I cleaned out some of our landscape. The clematis was starting to sprout and needed to be cut back. I also cut back climbing plants along the north side of the house..I'm sure our neighbors will be happy about that!

Today is Spa day! Only not for me! Mandy has grooming and both birds are getting their beaks trimmed. Lots going on this week with Dr. appointments and other errands. Back in Michigan!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Flowers

Bob and I had some errands to run today so when we got home I did some 'quick' cleaning then I played! I bought the book 'Playing With Books' by Jason Thompson after seeing it on Jane LaFazio's blog and thought it look like fun, which it was! I made the lighter flower first using pages from some old books I had. The black/white was made from some of my old 'zentangle' designs I did last year. Heck, they're just sitting in a tablet and never seen anyway!

It all starts out using a square of paper and doing all these different folds! yes, it did take me a few times of 'folding' before I got it!

I used binder clips and a hand clamp my hubby bought me to use as my 2nd, 3rd and fourth hands! I even use this clamp when starting my peyote beading on my needle cases. Works for me!

This was the first petal I made and you can see some of the glue still drying. Hence, my need for all the hands!

Some of my petals resting before being joined together!

Here the petals are glued together. I did cheat and use some heavy duty double sided tape to attach the petals. I think I'll stick to just the glue next time or use a thinner double sided tape. The only double sided tape I had is a really thick tape I bought (actually 3 rolls, at least!) at one of those bargain shops! Sometimes, you get what you pay for!
And this is my zentangle flower! The black cardstock is quite a bit heavier than the paper from a book but it still worked. I'm going to look for some old books that are in color at our upcoming library book sale. I think it

would be fun to make some of these in color. You could even use any paper you have on hand. Playing with Books is a fun book to have on hand! I'm going to make some other bows after I pick up some 'normal' double sided tape.

After finishing up my flowers I made a Mexican dinner for us. Of course, we started off with Margarita's while I was cooking...dangerous, I know but works for me! I made Machaca Chicken with Spicy Cream on home made Tortilla chips; avocado dip and Chiles Rellenos. Yum...a really good meal and we didn't have to leave home to go to a Mexican restaurant! The Chiles Rellenos was in the current issue of Food Network Magazine, which I love! I made six dishes from the Jan/Feb. 2011 issue, which were all great!

So now it's updating my blog, reading some blogs, then perhaps beading or working on 'Georgia'. I really should make that 1st cut on my redo!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beading, finally!

I'm finally back to beading at night! It's been a long time for me! This is a Blackpoll Warbler and is one of Helene Knott's birds (see my previous post here and here on using Helene's patterns). I've looked up the Blackpoll Warbler and he's mainly dark browns, blacks, cream and white, while the female has some yellow on her. I'll most likely stick with the darker colors since I don't have any pale yellow to use and at this point I don't plan on purchasing any more beads right now.

I'm looking forward to Easter morning as we're meeting the kids at a restaurant for a brunch. Until then I hope to get more beading done and perhaps also start on my 'Georgia' quilt as well. Nice to have several different hand projects to keep me occupied!

A BIG thanks to Larry and Jan! I left my electrical cord to my laptop at their house in Florida and received it in the mail today. Fortunately, I had my desktop and Ipod to use for Internet/mail. Yes, we are a spoiled society aren't we! How did we ever exist without email and the Internet!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Most of you are familiar with Ami Simms and her AAQI project. For those who are not, and for those who are!, check out one of the current YouTube to see the panels From Heartbreak to Hope premiered at the Hands Across the Valley Quilt Show in Amherst, MA last month. And while you're at it, check out some of the donation quilts that you could bid on each month or purchase and own one right now!

Had a great time yesterday picking up little ones from school! I kept saying, "it's so good to see you both!". Nick finally said, "grandma, you told us that four times already!". Yep, he was right! But it was good to see them and to meet 'Spike'...I have to admit the lizard was really cute! Who knew!

Dawn picked up pizza, salad and bread sticks for dinner and we all met over at her house so I got to see everyone together! What a nice evening! But grandma had to leave before dark! Actually, it was around 7:30 and kids still had some homework to do as well.

Today I'm going to pick out beads for my next bird BJP. He's already drawn onto a quilted background so I can just get started beading tonight. This afternoon I'll put my dyes, paints, etc. in my cabinet which is pretty easy to do. I keep everything in containers so I can just 'grab and go'! Hopefully, I'll get started on some artwork to post this week! I'm still in the spring cleaning mode which is good. At least it's good for Goodwill and another donation to Sister Rita at Outreach East! Temp was only 35 this a.m. but we do have some sun peaking out and it should get up to 50 today. We'll see!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're here!

From the sunny south (above!) TO...................................This! What a difference! This is what we drove home in on Monday...not a lot of snow but even a little makes you wish you had stayed in Florida! Last night it rained quite heavy around 1 a.m. and quite a bit of lightning. Today it's still overcast and wet but I'm going to see all the kids this afternoon so that cheers me up! Bob's off to see some of his buddies and to run some errands.

We did have a good trip home and took another side trip as we usually do. This time we ended up in Oak Ridge, TN. which was a beautiful town! Landscape office buildings that were beautiful BUT from Oak Ridge, we took a side road, which we usually do! Again, the scenery was beautiful with all the different shades of green BUT as we started to travel up 116 we felt like we were on an amusement ride! Neither of us have ever been on a road that looped in and out and in and out and in and out!! Elevation over 2800! You get the picture,right! Well, if you didn't, check out my video below! I took this from my Ipod as we drove to the end of the road! I just tried to click on video and it's not working. Hopefully, it will...

We were on this winding road for over 45 min. No stores, no gas stations, no nothing! We were all (birds, dog, and humans) getting a little sea sick! I don't know how these people would or could get to a Dr. if an emergency happened or is a woman were in labor. And who would want to drive these roads in the dark! Guess that's how our ancestors did it and they still do!

This is some of the scenery from our window. Beautiful....
After we made it to level ground, hubby just couldn't "wait any longer". I just happened to see this porta potty at a playground so he stopped.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready for Michigan!

Before I talk about leaving Florida, I wanted to show a picture of my odd count peyote bracelet! Isn't it cute! I love each of the bunnies. Beth did a great job on the pattern as each bunny is different. I finished mine a few days ago but just didn't get around to taking a picture of it. Which was a good thing. Beth showed her bracelet and I liked the way she took the picture so I set mine up similar. Check out Beth's picture on her blog here. And watch Beth's preview for beading the odd count peyote stitch!

Yep, we're all packed up and ready to head out. We're meeting Carol, Tony, Peggy and Sammy for dinner tonight. I usually don't like to eat out the last night we're here but I'm kinda glad we are now. I just don't feel like cooking! Everything is all clean so I don't want to have to clean the kitchen again. We do still have to take the bird cages apart and get the birds settled in their crates but we'll do that when we get home from dinner. That doesn't take long.

This is the back of our car! We have to load overnight bags, pillows and sheets/dirty clothes which will be in space saver bags in the morning but otherwise, we're all set. Gotta love those space saver bags!

This is the back seat where all the animals sit and sleep! Yes, those are my paints in the container!
I won't be posting until the middle of next week! It gets harder and harder to leave each winter but I'm looking forward to see the kids and my friends. It's a good thing or else I'd be changing my address to Ocala, Florida!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Bye Friends!

Can you tell we started off the evening happy! This is my friend Susan and her husband, Harvey! They'll be headed to Michigan the middle or end of May!

We started the evening off with margarita'a at Verna and Ron's house. It was so nice of Verna to invite everyone over as four of the eight couples are headed back up north by the end of May. It was our last get together for 2011! Verna makes the best margarita! And fed us chips and dip too!

Yes, margarita's are my favorite drink! Verna made her own mix which is REALLY good. I might just give up buying a mix and make up my own. Verna was gracious enough to give me the recipe! As a hostess gift, I made Verna a needle case but guess what! I forgot to take a picture! go figure! I used a metallic green and orange in a honey comb pattern (Beth Muerr's pattern, of course!).

Tony was our DD for the night, driving us around! Larry and Jan rode with us as well. Thanks, Tony!! You were a good DD!!

And yes, Larry got into trouble as usual! It's a story I won't go into but it consisted of a rock and a toe! 'Nuff said! I did have my Polaroid printer with me so I printed out the picture on the right to give to Jan and Larry! Yes, you had to be there!!

Next we headed off to another great Mexican Restaurant, El Azteca!

They even have a mariachi band playing through dinner!!

Here are Verna and Ron our hostess and host for the evening! THANK you both for arranging the evening and having us all over!! That was SO nice of them and another evening Bob and I will remember!
This is Jan and Mac! Jan is a wonderful knitter and Mac is a really good golfer! Bob got to golf with him this week and he was really impressed! They too are headed to Michigan this coming Monday!
This is John and Marilyn who always host the St. Patrick's day dinner for 20+ at their house each year. Bob never stops talking about Marilyn's corn beef and cabbage!
This is Pat and Pat!! Yes, it gets confusing but most folks call Pat, Patricia! They are both golfers and I see Patricia walking (fast too by the way!) in addition to her golfing!
This is Carol and our DD for the night, Tony..they too will be leaving Ocala the end of June to spend the summer in Michigan. Bob got to golf lots with Tony this year, which made him quite happy. Tony's a really good golfer and Carol is my shopping buddy! We all had a great time this year! And Carol and I are now "Chico's girls!"..another story!
And this is our landlord(s)! Larry and Jan! Aren't they the sweetest looking couple! Larry and Jan have always made us feel like we are like family. We're going to miss them dearly.

We are so lucky to call each of these couples friends! Just the best folks around and we will miss each of them! But! we'll be back next winter if the 'big guy' above says it's ok!!

This was the Chicken Nacho Bob and I split! It was the best Nacho we've every had. They had cooked onion and peppers along with Fiata chicken on top and so delicious!
Harvey got his meal first and dug right in! El Azetca has such great food I wouldn't wait either!
Verna and Ron dug in as well. Just great food!! What more can I say!

Yes, this is my empty to watch boob tube, off to bed the up and at it in the a.m. We'll finish packing clothes, do more laundry, take bird cages apart, then off to our last dinner in Ocala. We're meeting Carol, Tony, Peggy and Sammy for one last evening with friends in 2011!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weaver's Meeting Recap

Tilly was in great form at our weaver's meeting. She's such a sweetheart!! I took this picture of her from behind the couch and I moved so it's a tad blurry! She's our mascot I'd say!

We had a great meeting this past Saturday at the Warped Weaver's. I did show some of my projects completed this last month but I'm not posting them so as not to bore my followers! For weaver's that couldn't make the meeting, you can see my work on my blog. But here's what you did miss if you weren't at the meeting! What a great show and tell and a fun project!

Before our meeting started, Mary was presented with a treat and a candle to blow out for her wish! Happy BD, Mary!!

Blogger may not co-operate with me today..the quilt on the right is Susan's kaleidoscope challenge piece she finished. The quit on the left is one of two projects Susan is working on. You can see a picture of the actually stained glass piece Susan is creating using her reverse applique technique. I think she captured the colors beautifully didn't she.

The flower quilt on the right is Susan's second project. Aren't' they beautiful!

Now I hope the rest of these pictures I can label!

The rose knitted piece was done by Mary! She made a headband and a scarf!

The purple woven piece are 'mug rugs' made by Diana. I never heard of 'mug rugs' but then I had a DUH moment! Diana took a weaving class at the conference and these were her practice pieces. The green piece and the jewel tone weaving was done by Pat K. at a weaving workshop at the conference.

The mitten is being knitted by our very own Theo!

She also made the knitted purse (it's lined on the inside). Really a nice pattern to it. It's from a book knitting purses with one skein.

And Caryl's hands are busy! Or I should say she's busy making hands for her dolls. Caryl is taking an online class which teaches some great tips and techniques for doll making. Also, check out Caryl's finished chair that will have a hand made doll sitting upon it!

The green bag was made by our own Queen of Purple. She took a class at the conference that uses fabric to make all different types of wrapped bags for presents. I don't remember the name of the technique, but if I find out, I'll post.

Of course, you'll recognize other items by the Q of Purple! I believe she purchased the small change purse at the conference.

Again the sheep and tree were woven at a workshop at the conference.

The pic on the left are postcards from the lady who taught the sheep/tree weaving class.

The flamingo was a present for Caryl. You have to see all the wonderful flamingo's Caryl has around her house!

And here are the ladies working on our afternoon project. Betty brought the book, Jewelry Making for Fiber Enthusiasts. Really a fun book as you can see by all the items made in the afternoon.

The blue/white earrings were made by Mary. Caryl made the necklace!

The blue circle piece was made by Susan.

And guess who made the purple charm!!

We had a great meeting and I'm certainly going to miss all the ladies!