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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just another rainy day

At least folks had a nice Easter weekend with the weather. It was beautiful out but of course this is Michigan so you have to expect the weather to change daily. Although, the past 3 days, it's been pretty constant...cloudy and rainy. Yesterday temp did get up to 70! But rain..go figure. Not making my room mate happy as he's getting anxious to go golfing.
We did get our eye Dr. appointments changed and now I know why I'm ripping out more beading and stitching than I am beading or stitching! New glasses on their way in two weeks! I did get beading done on my BJP's wings and I'll pick up some #15's today for the top of his little head. Go figure, I don't have any black/dark gray for his top knot!

I also forgot to post the beautiful flowers Dawn and Jeff got me for Easter! I'll plant outside and see what happens! Aren't' they beautiful.

And this little lady was given to us last Easter by Kris when we got home from Florida. She's still sitting in our living room. She's just kinda cute, isn't she.

And check out the bird feeder Darrin, Kris and kids got us. I love the color and can't wait to see who come to visit. Right now we have our Robin sitting on her nest again. She nests in the same spot every year under our deck. Bob even goes as far as putting a piece of plastic on the deck floor to protect her and the babies from the rain. Don't works..that's why she comes back each year! HA

Today is the 1st morning we haven't had to run somewhere for appointments or errands. I will go and pick up kids from school today and stop at the bead store on the way. And I thought I was busy in Florida! Geez...that was doing fun things...back here it's our normal routine but at least we still have our health and can continue to 'run' errands, right!


  1. Hey Robbie, you have received some cute things. I really like that new bird feeder. I should make one similar out of this big gourd that I have sitting around. It is wet and cold here, doesn't feel like spring at all. Good luck with your bead project!

  2. Robbie - you should sketch that flower! At least it won't move or run away from you!


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