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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready for Michigan!

Before I talk about leaving Florida, I wanted to show a picture of my odd count peyote bracelet! Isn't it cute! I love each of the bunnies. Beth did a great job on the pattern as each bunny is different. I finished mine a few days ago but just didn't get around to taking a picture of it. Which was a good thing. Beth showed her bracelet and I liked the way she took the picture so I set mine up similar. Check out Beth's picture on her blog here. And watch Beth's preview for beading the odd count peyote stitch!

Yep, we're all packed up and ready to head out. We're meeting Carol, Tony, Peggy and Sammy for dinner tonight. I usually don't like to eat out the last night we're here but I'm kinda glad we are now. I just don't feel like cooking! Everything is all clean so I don't want to have to clean the kitchen again. We do still have to take the bird cages apart and get the birds settled in their crates but we'll do that when we get home from dinner. That doesn't take long.

This is the back of our car! We have to load overnight bags, pillows and sheets/dirty clothes which will be in space saver bags in the morning but otherwise, we're all set. Gotta love those space saver bags!

This is the back seat where all the animals sit and sleep! Yes, those are my paints in the container!
I won't be posting until the middle of next week! It gets harder and harder to leave each winter but I'm looking forward to see the kids and my friends. It's a good thing or else I'd be changing my address to Ocala, Florida!


  1. Have a very safe trip, two legged, four legged and with wings!!!
    I will be glad when I know you are home safe and sound! ;-)


  2. "See" you when you get back! Safe trip!

  3. Wow, your time is up already? You kept busy, I'll bet you are in no hurry to go back. Love your bunny bracelet, it turned out great.

    Safe travels!

  4. Bunnies- adorable! Nice work. You are so organized getting everything packed and ready. Have a safe trip, and enjoy your evening out.

  5. I just now found this post. I'm slipping in my old age. The bracelet looks great! Strong work young lady. I love it. Glad you made it home safe and sound.


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