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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weaver's Meeting Recap

Tilly was in great form at our weaver's meeting. She's such a sweetheart!! I took this picture of her from behind the couch and I moved so it's a tad blurry! She's our mascot I'd say!

We had a great meeting this past Saturday at the Warped Weaver's. I did show some of my projects completed this last month but I'm not posting them so as not to bore my followers! For weaver's that couldn't make the meeting, you can see my work on my blog. But here's what you did miss if you weren't at the meeting! What a great show and tell and a fun project!

Before our meeting started, Mary was presented with a treat and a candle to blow out for her wish! Happy BD, Mary!!

Blogger may not co-operate with me today..the quilt on the right is Susan's kaleidoscope challenge piece she finished. The quit on the left is one of two projects Susan is working on. You can see a picture of the actually stained glass piece Susan is creating using her reverse applique technique. I think she captured the colors beautifully didn't she.

The flower quilt on the right is Susan's second project. Aren't' they beautiful!

Now I hope the rest of these pictures I can label!

The rose knitted piece was done by Mary! She made a headband and a scarf!

The purple woven piece are 'mug rugs' made by Diana. I never heard of 'mug rugs' but then I had a DUH moment! Diana took a weaving class at the conference and these were her practice pieces. The green piece and the jewel tone weaving was done by Pat K. at a weaving workshop at the conference.

The mitten is being knitted by our very own Theo!

She also made the knitted purse (it's lined on the inside). Really a nice pattern to it. It's from a book knitting purses with one skein.

And Caryl's hands are busy! Or I should say she's busy making hands for her dolls. Caryl is taking an online class which teaches some great tips and techniques for doll making. Also, check out Caryl's finished chair that will have a hand made doll sitting upon it!

The green bag was made by our own Queen of Purple. She took a class at the conference that uses fabric to make all different types of wrapped bags for presents. I don't remember the name of the technique, but if I find out, I'll post.

Of course, you'll recognize other items by the Q of Purple! I believe she purchased the small change purse at the conference.

Again the sheep and tree were woven at a workshop at the conference.

The pic on the left are postcards from the lady who taught the sheep/tree weaving class.

The flamingo was a present for Caryl. You have to see all the wonderful flamingo's Caryl has around her house!

And here are the ladies working on our afternoon project. Betty brought the book, Jewelry Making for Fiber Enthusiasts. Really a fun book as you can see by all the items made in the afternoon.

The blue/white earrings were made by Mary. Caryl made the necklace!

The blue circle piece was made by Susan.

And guess who made the purple charm!!

We had a great meeting and I'm certainly going to miss all the ladies!

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