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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paper Flowers

Bob and I had some errands to run today so when we got home I did some 'quick' cleaning then I played! I bought the book 'Playing With Books' by Jason Thompson after seeing it on Jane LaFazio's blog and thought it look like fun, which it was! I made the lighter flower first using pages from some old books I had. The black/white was made from some of my old 'zentangle' designs I did last year. Heck, they're just sitting in a tablet and never seen anyway!

It all starts out using a square of paper and doing all these different folds! yes, it did take me a few times of 'folding' before I got it!

I used binder clips and a hand clamp my hubby bought me to use as my 2nd, 3rd and fourth hands! I even use this clamp when starting my peyote beading on my needle cases. Works for me!

This was the first petal I made and you can see some of the glue still drying. Hence, my need for all the hands!

Some of my petals resting before being joined together!

Here the petals are glued together. I did cheat and use some heavy duty double sided tape to attach the petals. I think I'll stick to just the glue next time or use a thinner double sided tape. The only double sided tape I had is a really thick tape I bought (actually 3 rolls, at least!) at one of those bargain shops! Sometimes, you get what you pay for!
And this is my zentangle flower! The black cardstock is quite a bit heavier than the paper from a book but it still worked. I'm going to look for some old books that are in color at our upcoming library book sale. I think it

would be fun to make some of these in color. You could even use any paper you have on hand. Playing with Books is a fun book to have on hand! I'm going to make some other bows after I pick up some 'normal' double sided tape.

After finishing up my flowers I made a Mexican dinner for us. Of course, we started off with Margarita's while I was cooking...dangerous, I know but works for me! I made Machaca Chicken with Spicy Cream on home made Tortilla chips; avocado dip and Chiles Rellenos. Yum...a really good meal and we didn't have to leave home to go to a Mexican restaurant! The Chiles Rellenos was in the current issue of Food Network Magazine, which I love! I made six dishes from the Jan/Feb. 2011 issue, which were all great!

So now it's updating my blog, reading some blogs, then perhaps beading or working on 'Georgia'. I really should make that 1st cut on my redo!!


  1. Wow Robbie those are so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love the dog as well, that's why she makes her way into random posts.

  2. I haven't had a Margaretta in forever. That sounds yummy! The flowers are incredible! I went through a craze where I was making tissue paper flowers for a while. It can be fun making your own flowers, and they make a sweet gift for someones desk too. Happy Easter!

  3. Love the flowers! I can see why you need second, third, and fourth hands for them... very intricate looking.


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