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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're here!

From the sunny south (above!) TO...................................This! What a difference! This is what we drove home in on Monday...not a lot of snow but even a little makes you wish you had stayed in Florida! Last night it rained quite heavy around 1 a.m. and quite a bit of lightning. Today it's still overcast and wet but I'm going to see all the kids this afternoon so that cheers me up! Bob's off to see some of his buddies and to run some errands.

We did have a good trip home and took another side trip as we usually do. This time we ended up in Oak Ridge, TN. which was a beautiful town! Landscape office buildings that were beautiful BUT from Oak Ridge, we took a side road, which we usually do! Again, the scenery was beautiful with all the different shades of green BUT as we started to travel up 116 we felt like we were on an amusement ride! Neither of us have ever been on a road that looped in and out and in and out and in and out!! Elevation over 2800! You get the picture,right! Well, if you didn't, check out my video below! I took this from my Ipod as we drove to the end of the road! I just tried to click on video and it's not working. Hopefully, it will...

We were on this winding road for over 45 min. No stores, no gas stations, no nothing! We were all (birds, dog, and humans) getting a little sea sick! I don't know how these people would or could get to a Dr. if an emergency happened or is a woman were in labor. And who would want to drive these roads in the dark! Guess that's how our ancestors did it and they still do!

This is some of the scenery from our window. Beautiful....
After we made it to level ground, hubby just couldn't "wait any longer". I just happened to see this porta potty at a playground so he stopped.


  1. Welcome Back! I hope you packed spring in your bags and brought it back with you. We had snow yesterday too - rain and wind today. At least the grass is getting greener and the buds are trying to be brave....trying to look on the bright side, really, I am!

  2. Seriously? Snow? Oh my... Well things are headed in a better direction since we're approaching May. Glad you had a safe trip home.

  3. I'm sorry you drove all the way back to winter!! Hopefully it will be nice and springy soon. I just don't know if it's fair for you to compare anywhere to sunny Florida, you know?! Good luck getting re-settled quickly!

  4. Lol, one of my facebook friends called Michigan a big jerk the other day, it has to be hard coming back home to snowin April. Welcome home and I hope you brought some of that sunshine with you.

  5. It's been a long winter here in Michigan. I really hope you brought some warmth back with you. It's nasty here.


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