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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Yep, I did the 1st cut on my redo of Georgia. I think I like my fabric choices on this one better than the 1st Georgia. Looks more like stained glass. AND using a batik (black) for the leading is SO much better. No fraying! Yippee!!

I keep deleting pictures I'm putting in this blog post so everything is out of order.

Yes we

did meet up with the Easter Bunny!
Nick didn't care too much for him but more on that later.

I also did some beading but I need to pick up some #15 black beads on Wed. to outline the head of my bird BJP (below) then onto filling in. I'm asked often "how long does it take to make a bird". A LONG TIME!, as all beaders know unless you put a stop watch beside you as you bead it's any ones guess on the hours. I've sat at night watching TV for several hours (at least 3 a night) and only got this far. It's stitching two beads at a time so....

And the bunny bracelet I made did fit Amber! And matched her fingernail polish and her dress! Now I'll have to make another one for next year for myself!

As far as a group family picture...I kept cutting one or more out each time so here's part of the family.

And the other part of the family! Minus 'Mum'! Nick was funny about the bunny but I think more so because we kept making a big deal about it. I have a picture of Nick standing next to the bunny when he was about four. So cute!

We really had a great breakfast at Chardonnay's in Oxford! The food was excellent and Bob said it was worth another trip if they offered the special again. I don't remember the omelet or frittata he had but it included spinach, ham, bacon, pepper, onion with a cream sauce. I did taste a piece and it was excellent. I had potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream, thick/crisp bacon and both were great! The blueberry pancakes were at least 3" high and tasted good too (yep, I took a taste of Amber's).

When we got home it was so nice out (61 degrees!) that I cleaned out some of our landscape. The clematis was starting to sprout and needed to be cut back. I also cut back climbing plants along the north side of the house..I'm sure our neighbors will be happy about that!

Today is Spa day! Only not for me! Mandy has grooming and both birds are getting their beaks trimmed. Lots going on this week with Dr. appointments and other errands. Back in Michigan!


  1. it looks as though you had a real nice easter, robbie. nothing better than spending time with family. i'm glad you are having a better time with your georgia this time around. with all the fraying last time it seemed you were frustrated. have fun at the spa with the fur and feather babies!

  2. Amber already looks older than the last time you posted pictures of her on the blog! She's growin' up!

    And I missed your paper flowers post, but I LOVE the zentangle flower- what a great idea!!

  3. What a great Easter. You did a fantastic job on the Bunny bracelet. It looks so cute on Amber! Thanks for the pics.


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