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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sister Time!

Another benefit of being in Florida during the winter months is the opportunity to see my sister, who lives about 2 hours south of us!  This past Monday I did one of my 'annual' 24 hour runs! 

And for those who follow my blog, I am wearing one of the shrugs I made.  I have two like this...just fyi!  HA

We always have a great time laughing and telling stories (sometimes the same story) of our childhood!  This trip was extra special as my niece was visiting her mom so I got to visit with Erin too!  What a delightful young lady (yes, Erin, I said "young lady"!).  Isn't she  pretty!!!  And has her father and mother's sense of humor!

Erin was on a working/vaca so she was busy on a video call but when she broke for her 30 min. lunch my sister had made PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps!  YUM!!!  After lunch, Erin went back to work in the computer/office room, my sister and I looked over a top she was knitting.  I think we worked for at least thirty minutes until we figured the pattern out.  I forgot to take pictures darn it!  But I was impressed when my sister ripped out at least 18" or more!!!!  Now that's a perfectionist! 

Erin was finished working around 4 so we started to get ready to head to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants, Caffe Italia.   We were meeting up with four of my sister and Nancy's friends. 

Anyway, back to the food!  They don't sell alcohol so you are permitted to bring your own bottle(s) of wine!  Go figure!  I just think that's so interesting.  They'll even open the bottle for you!
I had their lemon chicken (again)'s called something else fancy on their menu but that's what it is.  Delicious....
My dinner!

An appetizer Candi ordered...hmmmm not for me but it was enjoyed!

You also get their family style dishes of vegetables and pasta, which is fantastic!  No pics of that...but I did take home my lemon chicken, which Bob and I ate for dinner!
Erin and Cyndi, who is a singer and appears at local establishments!

Cyndi, Nancy and Rebbecca

My sis, Lynn, Candi, Erin and Cyndi

After dinner we headed over to Candi and Lynn's house for a night cap...but I was the DD for the evening so I just had water!  How about that!  Even at dinner I only had a sip of wine...see I can be a good girl!

My sister and I already have put two dates on our calendars to meet up again before we head north.  Hopefully, we'll both be finished with our knitting projects for a show and tell afternoon!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Help! I can't get out of my coat!

No need to panic...although, I kinda did!  Sunday we had rain all day so when dogs wanted out I took them out front on the leash (figured they would go quicker).  I put my rain coat on and out we went.  When I came back in, I started to unzip my rain coat and the zipper fell apart in my hand!   This was me!

I was literally stuck in my coat!  The zipper wouldn't move up or down and my head wouldn't fit through the opening. 
I was laughing so hard...Bob was in the bathroom so I called in and told him to hurry up and pee because I was stuck in my coat!  Hubby came to the rescue and used two fingers to hold this special zipper so he could unzip it!  I can't believe the zipper fell apart in my hands! 

Hubby kinda repaired it using a safety pin and squeezing some other piece together.  I'm sure to replace the zipper will cost more than the coat!  Dang....maybe I'll just go around with a safety pin showing until I get home.  I have some jewelry findings I can use in place of the safety pin.

Making progress on my knitted top...

although, what I didn't realize that knitting side to side your stockinette stitch is sideways!  When you pick up stitches to add the length for the top, now the stitches are right side up!  I guess it's part of the design of the pattern but gosh...I'm a type A and things have to be symmetrical or just be a certain way....hmmmmmmm 
It's hard to tell but the yarn is an open weave or will be more when it's blocked.  I better like this bugger when it's finished!  I'm off to see my sister today for an overnight visit.  I'll take my knitting with me as my sister is also working on a top so we can knit between eating!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Week Four - Hilary's online class

Working with designs using some of our stenciled and dyed papers this week!  What fun!  I did these in less than 15 minutes!  It usually takes me 15 days to come up with a design!  HA 

This was fun...I tried not to think about it too much...which you can tell...but really I like some of the designs.  These are all made of paper(s) and I used 2 1/2 different dyed/stencil papers. 

In addition to some design exercises, we're going to be working with different use of paints/colors this much to learn but what a fun way to learn!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Knitting away....

In between eating out, being Susie Homemaker and my online class with Hilary, I'm knitting away at night!!! 

The yarn is causing this Type A personality some twists, which drives me crazy....but I'm trying to be patient!
It's a loose weave/ribbon type yarn and is very lightweight...or it's suppose to be!

This is the first time I've worked a pattern in one piece from side to side....hoping it fits!!!  Yes, I did my swatch but you never know.....

So far I'm almost finished with the left sleeve then I'll sew the sleeve seams and bound off edges...then add the lower section.   Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Another BD celebration!

No, it's not another celebration for me (although, Bob and I did go out yesterday afternoon for a belated BD dinner for me...he's had a slight cold for the past week.

Verna, Harvey and Susan (Harv's better half!).

It was our friend, Harvey's BD last week so 'the group' celebrated after dinner at our local pizza restaurant, Roma's...2 miles from our house!  Only Bob and I had pizzza...everyone said their other Italian dishes are great too...and their garlic knots were the bomb!  Yum

Guys being guys!

Mac resting while Harvey opened gifts

Of course, our resident baker, Verna, created her wonderful carrot cake, which is Harv's favorite. 

I found this on's a gift for someone who doesn't want anything for their birthday!  I thought it was funny and I think Harvey enjoyed it...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Over dyeing

I was still waiting for my dyes to arrive, which they did after I cleaned up from my playing today!  HA  But that's ok...I  worked with only blue dyes today so I'm looking forward to the next lessons/play times to use new colors!

This was actually  one of my 'wipe up' papers that I stenciled today with the blue..kinda ugly....

But then it turned into this!  Fun surprise!

From this....

To this....color is a lot more vivid in person.

There are two of these prints and both resulted in some cool pieces.

Actually this is the back of the piece!!!!  I thought it looked pale and when I turned the paper over it was/is beautiful!

The rest are more results I got today.  Having way too much fun!!! 

Now I'm looking forward to using some new dye colors....hopefully later this week. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy Birthday!'s happened!  I'm another year older!  But who's counting..not me for sure!  Some of my lady friends took me to lunch this past Tuesday for an early BD celebration.  What a fun afternoon! 
Patricia, Verna & Jan
Susan and I

We are at a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant called Feta Mediterranean Cuisine downtown Ocala.  What a great meal!  I had Spanakopita! Wonderful!

Two of the ladies had chicken pita and one had a veggie pita...all said "great"!

Susan had their feta bruschetta, which was yummy!  And their home made hummus....yes, we did share!

We headed back to Verna's house for one of her special desserts and we were greeted by Bandit!  Well, actually he was waiting for the dessert to be served!  

Verna  had the table setting for us, which was so very pretty.  She is a wonderful quilter and does beautiful Heirloom work!  

Verna made an Orange cream Meringue pie that was so good.  Just the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon....

I even had a birthday song and got to blow out the candle with a wish!!

AND in addition, the ladies gave some great presents!!

Just fyi...this wine glass holds more than 5 oz. but that's ok!  This way Bob will think I'm being good in just having one glass of wine!  HA

I am so lucky to have been introduced to these ladies several years ago and to have them remain my friends to this day.  

As it turned out on my BD, Bob was under the weather with the start of 'the' cold that is making the rounds.  Actually, I was fine with not eating out so I took the girls with me for a drive to Publix, did some shopping then walked the girls around the complex...came home and did some sewing....then I made chili for dinner (in  my instant pot of course!) was a very relaxing and pleasant day!  And I hope to have many more!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

When it pours!

OK, weather is actually beautiful here in Florida!  The "when it pours" is refering to when you patiently (or impatiently) are waiting for items you ordered online to arrive!  And  then you have all your orders and project arrive the same day!

Well, my orders are almost all here!!!  I received my Setacolor paints, my yarn and have one more order of dyes to arrive soon.  And in additon.... Susan, Verna and I went fabric shopping this past Saturday so I could  make a purchase (yes, I bought fabric!) to make a quilt for a gift. 

So now...what project do I start to work on!  I've gone from only having my online class lessons to do and only with limited supplies to having my yarn and fabric and paints.  Today I decided to use the Setacolor paints that arrived and do another lesson!  woohoo....

First layer....

This was the end result for my first 'playtime today'.  I have to say I've never been more happy with the results of using my stencils. 

  This had two layers of stencils on it...again using a bronze and yellow.

I added a mix of leftover can see there is a little green in it too!   Waste not...want not!  Right!

Not all the colors I chose are great but for the most part I am happy and I do love the orange palette  (remember my hex's  I  love orange, purple and turquoise !).  Think I will keep in this color range for awhile...until I run out and need to order more paints!  Yikes! 

Yes, I'm still loving Hilary's online class...learning so much!!!! 

Next up to start on my knitting project!