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Friday, January 11, 2019

Dye Painting Stencils

We are still having beautiful weather here in Florida!  Actually, my kind of weather.  It's in the 50's but with the sun it feels like 70!  Fine with much so I did my "MIP" (Make It Personal online class with Hilary B.") today!  I'm going to show the original piece first and the over dyed piece.

First up

This is the stencil piece I did last week.

 I'm still waiting for my paints but after today I know I need to order some dyes!  I brought a few with me but....I'm not sure what color(s) I want to work with and the dyes I brought aren't exciting me too much!  But here are my results of dyeing on top of my stencil papers.

I overdyed the piece with blue violet

I used purple violet and lapis....hmmmmmmm  Similar to the first piece.  Nothing earth shattering but not bad.

Keep in mind I was using cheap acrylic paints to stencil with..didn't have my order yet so these were stenciled using cheap acrylic paints.

 I'm sure this piece can be used somewhere!  Or stenciled over, again!

 These are the original stenciled pieces. 

I think the next  overdyed pieces are the best!!!  I used pretty much the same dye colors (violet, lapis, and one other!) to over dye the orange papers.

I'm quite happy with this collection and they will all go well together in a piece.  I'm thinking I like the purple/orange combo are in my color wheel! 

Yep...I need to order more dyes!  YIKES!!!

I like the way the stencil  pattern shows up.  I love geometric patterns so these are right up my alley!!

And my papers I blotted the pieces with...these turned out pretty cool and I should be able to stencil or over dye these as well!

I am having so much fun with Hillary's class and learning so much!  If you get the opportunity to take her online class, I would highly recommend it!!!!  Unless you will be in the UK you could take her class in person!  That would be awesome!

I am sharing my work but I won't share what we're learning!!  I know folks will point me/us paying for a class and then sharing all the tips and what we are learning. 

So until I get to play some more....I hope you enjoy seeing I am working again!!!  Now to go order some more dyes and paints!!!  Oh yeah, I'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive!!!!  I'll be keeping UPS and USPS busy this winter!!!


  1. Okay, call me inspired….these are great Robbie!

  2. Isn't is just fascinating to see how things change with yet another layer? Wonderful results!

  3. Loving seeing what you are doing in this course. I was so tempted to sign up but didn’t think I’d be able to commit the amount of time needed. Hanging out for a shorter course. Hilary is so inspiring. Next best thing is following your progress.