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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Day 2 - Stencil work

My 'day 2' wasn't as successful as my Day 1 of stenciling...due to my experimenting!  I'm still waiting for my Setacolor paints and I got bored working in the yellows.  I had the bright idea of adding some fiber reactive dye powder to the cheap acrylic paints along with some pouring medium!  DUH! 

Talk about a thick paint...who knew!  Obviously not me!  HA  And I used some different stencils!
I was surprised with how bright the green turned out as I used Robin Egg Blue dye powder!  And did I mention how thick this paint was!! 

So I scratched that paint and started over using the 3 different shades of yellow and orange(s) I had.

Nothing fantastic but a great learning experience.  I am really excited for this week as we'll be overdyeing our stenciled papers!  How cool is that! 

I also ordered/downloaded a new knitting pattern from Berroco. 

  I think it's really cute and it uses a totally different yarn than I've used before.  Now to wait for another order to arrive!!!!!  My patience is wearing thin....I'm quite bored....tried to work on several different projects but I don't have all my supplies...ugh...hope the yarn gets here soon!!  Hope my paints get here soon!!!!


  1. How frustrating to have the time and no supplies...hope Fed Ex man is ringing your doorbell as I write this - with lots of packages.

  2. Oh, you are raring to go and no supplies in sight! But you've had some fun and learning in the meantime. I love that shrug- looks like wonderful texture. We have a new horse in the barn- a red roan, my husband's favorite. Rusty is 7, a QH gelding, and a really good fellow. Not a show horse, but one for enjoyable rides we think.

  3. I don't know, I kinda like those leaves.....


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