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Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy Birthday!'s happened!  I'm another year older!  But who's counting..not me for sure!  Some of my lady friends took me to lunch this past Tuesday for an early BD celebration.  What a fun afternoon! 
Patricia, Verna & Jan
Susan and I

We are at a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant called Feta Mediterranean Cuisine downtown Ocala.  What a great meal!  I had Spanakopita! Wonderful!

Two of the ladies had chicken pita and one had a veggie pita...all said "great"!

Susan had their feta bruschetta, which was yummy!  And their home made hummus....yes, we did share!

We headed back to Verna's house for one of her special desserts and we were greeted by Bandit!  Well, actually he was waiting for the dessert to be served!  

Verna  had the table setting for us, which was so very pretty.  She is a wonderful quilter and does beautiful Heirloom work!  

Verna made an Orange cream Meringue pie that was so good.  Just the perfect end to a wonderful afternoon....

I even had a birthday song and got to blow out the candle with a wish!!

AND in addition, the ladies gave some great presents!!

Just fyi...this wine glass holds more than 5 oz. but that's ok!  This way Bob will think I'm being good in just having one glass of wine!  HA

I am so lucky to have been introduced to these ladies several years ago and to have them remain my friends to this day.  

As it turned out on my BD, Bob was under the weather with the start of 'the' cold that is making the rounds.  Actually, I was fine with not eating out so I took the girls with me for a drive to Publix, did some shopping then walked the girls around the complex...came home and did some sewing....then I made chili for dinner (in  my instant pot of course!) was a very relaxing and pleasant day!  And I hope to have many more!!


  1. What a happy day for the birthday girl…….you are just getting better girlfriend as you greet another year!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sorry about Bob.....

    Mine was yesterday. I celebrated by going to an old dam p and mouldy machine shop and helping clear it out. Now my throat is scratchy, hopefully not "sick" but only "allergies". But I scored some great rusty stuff for future art pieces!

  3. Happy Birthday, sounds like it was a perfect day! The pie looked decadent... and the restaurents - yummy, I remember the wonderful (and so many) restaurants in Florida.

  4. Happy Birthday -- you look another year younger! That Greek food looks sooo good. Glad you had a good day.


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