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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sister Time!

Another benefit of being in Florida during the winter months is the opportunity to see my sister, who lives about 2 hours south of us!  This past Monday I did one of my 'annual' 24 hour runs! 

And for those who follow my blog, I am wearing one of the shrugs I made.  I have two like this...just fyi!  HA

We always have a great time laughing and telling stories (sometimes the same story) of our childhood!  This trip was extra special as my niece was visiting her mom so I got to visit with Erin too!  What a delightful young lady (yes, Erin, I said "young lady"!).  Isn't she  pretty!!!  And has her father and mother's sense of humor!

Erin was on a working/vaca so she was busy on a video call but when she broke for her 30 min. lunch my sister had made PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps!  YUM!!!  After lunch, Erin went back to work in the computer/office room, my sister and I looked over a top she was knitting.  I think we worked for at least thirty minutes until we figured the pattern out.  I forgot to take pictures darn it!  But I was impressed when my sister ripped out at least 18" or more!!!!  Now that's a perfectionist! 

Erin was finished working around 4 so we started to get ready to head to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants, Caffe Italia.   We were meeting up with four of my sister and Nancy's friends. 

Anyway, back to the food!  They don't sell alcohol so you are permitted to bring your own bottle(s) of wine!  Go figure!  I just think that's so interesting.  They'll even open the bottle for you!
I had their lemon chicken (again)'s called something else fancy on their menu but that's what it is.  Delicious....
My dinner!

An appetizer Candi ordered...hmmmm not for me but it was enjoyed!

You also get their family style dishes of vegetables and pasta, which is fantastic!  No pics of that...but I did take home my lemon chicken, which Bob and I ate for dinner!
Erin and Cyndi, who is a singer and appears at local establishments!

Cyndi, Nancy and Rebbecca

My sis, Lynn, Candi, Erin and Cyndi

After dinner we headed over to Candi and Lynn's house for a night cap...but I was the DD for the evening so I just had water!  How about that!  Even at dinner I only had a sip of wine...see I can be a good girl!

My sister and I already have put two dates on our calendars to meet up again before we head north.  Hopefully, we'll both be finished with our knitting projects for a show and tell afternoon!


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