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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

By now 60 recipients should have received their fiber Valentine from me!  This is my last year of making fiber Valentine cards.  I've really enjoyed the process each year but now that I'm up to 60, it's getting out of control!  And I'm sure I can find something else to occupy my art brain with! 

I have to thank Maryann from CedarRidgeStudio for the photo card/envelop idea.  Maryann has sent out some beautiful cards making her quilted fabric to place in the photo area.  I jumped on this idea for my Valentines this year....and next up I was totally inspired by Margarita from Margas Crafts!  I started on the fiber background back in August.  You can see the start of my background pieces here and some more of the process here.

Margarita does beautiful work and has several articles in QA and Simply Moderne' magazines.  I thought making hearts using Margarita's technique for incorporating magazine pages and foil would work great!  This is some of the pages I tore up to use in the hearts.

Next was using medium to seal the pages

Foil added

Then tracing all the hearts to cut out

I used different shades of reds and some blue fabric which I quilted then stitched the paper hearts onto.  Of course I had to add some beading, right!  Some I just embroidered but I don't think I have any pics of those!  You can sorta see one of the blue embroidered pieces in the first group picture.

I sent a card to Elizabeth and Jane here in Florida and look how Jane sent me a thank you for the card!  How clever!!!!  Thanks, Jane!!!

I'm quite happy with my fiber cards this year and for my last year!  Happy (early) Valentine's Day to one and all!!!  Now go eat that candy!!


  1. Well it's a grand finale for sure! Thanks for reminding us of how you did the hearts. Is the medium a sheet of some product? Very interesting. The foiling adds so much. Thanks!

  2. Those are gorgeous... and you have way too much energy!

  3. They are *Wonderful*! Beautiful gems :) Happy Valentine's Day from Tennessee!

  4. Thank you so much for including me these last few years! They are all lovely!

  5. Robbie Dear you always create the most amazing and detailed and beautiful Works of HeArt. I cherish my annual treasures from you and will watch my mailbox for this Grand Finale. Happy Hearts Dear...

  6. I’m over the moon with the stunning card I received…….what a heartfelt gesture!! Thank you girlfriend!!


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