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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Stencil Time Again

At dinner this past week, one of my friend's husband had on a print shirt that had great leaves on it!  My mind went to the MIP on line class and how I could perhaps use the pattern for a stencil!  So, what did we do!  Took pictures of it of course! 

Pretty cool leaf but I didn't use this one...go figure!  HA

I'm not really big on floral designs, so I wasn't sure how this print would turn out.

Sunday I traced one of the leaves and part of the flower onto a piece of Mylar and cut away! 

Not the cleanest cut but keep in mind, I'm using my soldering iron and not a stencil cutter.

This was the first print.  I used two different shades of green then stenciled with black paint. 

The whole idea is using the stencil but making it your own print.  You can see some of the leaf pattern, but honestly, would you really know what this was if you didn't see the pattern or my stencil?  HA

This is a commercial stencil I had so I mixed up some paints and just stenciled as is.

Once again, you have to look closely to see the 'shirt' pattern in the background.  I used the stencil above to stamp over the entire piece(leafs from the shirt) using different paints.

Addition of black using part of commercial stencil and my 'shirt' stencil!

So this was a successful stencil up to over dye all the pieces!  Just having way too much fun!!!

Oh, thanks Ron, for allowing me to photograph your shirt!


  1. I'm crazy for florals myself, so that shirt pattern would have sucked me in too :-)

  2. What a great design! And from a shirt yet. I love the leaves you've done. You must be stockpiling a lot of wonderful pieces! I'm off to Daytona for the AQS quilt show- are you and any of your traveling pals heading over?

  3. Yes, I’d say you definitely had a successful stencil day!


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