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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Month 2 with Hilary

Month 2 of our online class with Hilary B. has started.  I'm playing catch-up because, of course, I don't have some of my supplies with me!  Go figure...this year I backed off bringing lots of art supplies so I needed to purchase or improvise!  I've done both! 

The supplies I have seem to fit quite well in the dog crates I have stored in the garage!  All my dyes are in the bottom crate and paints and other supplies in the larger crate on top!

I've also started two journals, one for notes from Hilary's video's,  she creates two each week, and another mixed media journal, for examples from our lessons.  My bud, Susan, gave me this cool journal for my BD, so I'm using it for note taking...already filled five pages!

Next up are stenciled/over dyed paper examples I put in the mixed media journal.

I showed some other designs I created on a post a few weeks ago.  You can see those examples here.
Actually, I didn't glue/paste those in my book.  I just cut the pieces up, arranged them and then took the pictures.  I didn't have the heart to attach them to paper.

But now, I'm brave since I have so many papers!!  The example above and this one are glued in my mixed media book!

Next, we are working with opaque paints and dyes/transparency on paper.  These are  opaque paints.

These are the same color dyes as the opaque examples above  (yellow, turquoise and magenta) except painted with dyes.

Next up we layer  transparency pieces on top of our painted papers.  The aim is to see how different they look - transparent vs the opaque papers.

This is another collage I made and then added pieces of painted and transparency papers.  Not that pretty but good to see use of transparency and opaque paints.

Hilary is so knowledgeable and has provided us so much information on the use of opaque paints and the use of dyes for adding transparency to our work!  Who knew!  I am creating quite a collection of different painted papers!  Some I think are so cool I am having a hard time cutting them up!  But I have a feeling we'll be making so many more papers over the next 10 months!  You can see the stack of papers on top of the container.

This month we're working on making our own stencils.  I have made freezer paper stencils in the past but we are using Mylar film to create our own designs.  Of course, I DO have Mylar film at home I use for mono what did I do...yep, had to buy to decide if I purchase a stencil cutter or just use my Xacto knife....decisions...decisions.....


  1. This course looks so informative and what you are doing is so inspiring!!

  2. Well this is a very educational course- you'll have some kind of degree when done. How wise to keep notes as you go. It's always hard to recall just what steps were taken to achieve a particular result, so you'll have a ready reference. Smart! And I like your journal.

  3. This is why I cannot live in two places. The art supply problem! LOL! Lovely work. Sounds like an interesting class!