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Friday, February 15, 2019

More stencils!

Yep...more stencils...I only made two more this week...not sure how may more I'll make but I can see how it get addicting!  I just don't have the right supplies.  So here are my latest stencils...actually these are just the'll see how they printed later in this post.

 I  stenciled over some of the pieces I stenciled in my last post.  The purple are was previously done.  I added the line stencil on top using white paint.  Nothing exciting....

Then I stenciled using turquoise and white...still nothing great but once it's covered with dye I think it will come out just fine!


After....I used one of the stencils I cut today and covered this piece with turquoise and white.


Before....printed with yellow, oranges and a dark sienna. 

Yep...should have left the print alone!  HA  But you never know, right!!!  

Actually, when I lay all of the orange/sienna pieces together they look really good together!  

Again, printing using the new stencil....


I stenciled the black paper the other day and today added some white.....and then!!!!

I added some magenta.....

This was another black piece I had stenciled so I added some more magenta, white and whatever!!  

I think both of these black pieces turned out the best.  But the orange/sienna pieces will also work well together.  

Just like a little kid fighting doing some game that they end up liking.....yep, that's me....this is fun! 

Oh, and I'm almost finished with my knitted top!  Woohoo!!!  


  1. So inspiring…..esp. the over-printing…….keep it up!

  2. I am obsessed with that stencil that looks like the center of a flower!!

  3. Your stencil drawings reminded me of vintage embroidery designs on old linens. And they look wonderful on your prints. I really love the orange with turquoise and white accents. Magenta, too. What fun.

  4. I am loving the stencil ideas. Just back from a SAQA IN retreat in Kentucky on the river and full of inspiration. We did hand stitching with Kathy Loomis. I actually got excited about hand stitching. The best part was being with 19 other artist. Hope you are having a fun winter.

  5. I have some of the prints I made at the SAQA workshop that just might need some your ideas!


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