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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

MIP - Month 2 - stencils

This month, in Hilary's online course, we are working on stencils...creating our own.  Confession Time! OK, so I thought, heck, with so many cool stencils out there do I really need to make my own. Maybe I wouldn't focus on this lesson a lot.  It's a cool idea and Hilary did show some great tips in her videos.  

I got thinking...after all, this class is called "Make It Personal (MIP)" so I purchased some Mylar and heat up my soldering iron (too cheap to buy a stencil cutter and too lazy to use Xacto knife).  I found some geometric designs on google and proceeded to cut them out. And guess what! It worked...they aren't the greatest but I am lovin the large all know I'm big on the geometric designs.

Next up I printed using the stencils!  What a surprise!  

I really like this print!

I can see where this could be used in addition to some other stencil prints.

Next up I'll over dye the papers or maybe even print more stencil designs...but first, I have to heat up that soldering iron!  HA


  1. What a great idea, Robbie! I never thought of using a soldering iron to "cut" stencils.

  2. Kuddos…..very successful……and a much easier approach than what I’ve been doing…..using clear iron-on fusible vinyl…..hard to cut…so flimsy difficult to attach to silk screen material. Tx’s for the inspiration.

  3. Very nice results! Definitely worth it.

  4. I've never cut stencils, but I sure love your results!

  5. The thought process sounds like mine. I. Might add, I did some this many years ago, so that makes me an expert, rights? But the revelation is nothing like I am doing right now! I would be loving it. glen

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