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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Over dye time!

About a week ago, I cut out some more stencils and posted results on my blog.  You can see that post here.  This weekend I decided to over dye the paper prints.  I didn't want to mix up any new dye so I just used what I already had mixed up.  I decided to use Turquoise dye for each page.  So here are my results.  Nothing fantastic but I honestly can see cutting up these pieces and they would work well together!

This was my 'cleanup paper'!  HA  Looks the best of the group..go figure!

I actually like how the turquoise filled in the white areas...but the white opaque paint stayed white!

OK, not the prettiest color but it is interesting!

Again, turquoise dye filled in the white areas nicely.

See what I mean about how they all seem to go together!  Really looking forward to sewing these papers into something...that's down the road but something to think about!


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