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Friday, January 30, 2015


Who says husbands and wives have to share!!!  Thanks, Bob!  He's been sick since my BD week and is just now getting over this bug.

I thought I missed it but my luck ran out!  I've been down and out for two days.

Feel like I got hit by a mack truck and I missed 99 cent margarita night and dinner last night with the 'gang'....

I have a lot of making up to do...but not until I feel better which I hope is soon!!!  I don't like feeling sick, nor does Kalee like mom sick!  So until you see the 'black letters' in my post, this chick is off to the couch with her ginger ale and crackers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Four weeks already!

Yep, we are into our 4th week in Florida!  Seems like we just left Michigan yet it seems like we've been here and never left last spring!  Such a strange feeling.
There was a mix up receiving a BD present from my friend, Carol T., back in Michigan but I finally received it yesterday!!

 I didn't realize I cut off the last two letters of my name!!  But this was the envelope Carol did.  I'll save this!

And check out the earrings Carol sent me!  I love them!!!  They are perfect with the gold and green, which I wear often!!

These were made by Gale White from The Bantering Bird Etsy shop!  Thanks, Carol!!!!

So, I've been working on both my Valentine fiber cards as well as my structure piece, that is due January 31st.

The picture above is my stack of fiber cards in their 1st stop!  They aren't as detailed as I usually do...more simplistic but I hope folks will still enjoy receiving them for Valentine's Day!

And this is part of my structure's requiring lots of hand work so....I only have 3 1/2 days left so I best get busy!

 Bob is getting over his cold and guess what!  I think I'm getting it...slight sore throat, sinus not to think about it...yea, that's it!  I did take Kalee on a 1.33 mile walk...good for both of us but now I feel like I want to just sleep!  I won't do that...otherwise I won't sleep at night...I'm drinking lots of water, taking Advil and I'll take some Zrytec tonight.  Let's hope tomorrow I'm not worse...just the same as today would be a good thing!  HA

Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday - Part 2

Saturday started off with picking up Susan and heading to the Villages Community for a quilt show.  We've gone to this show in the past and this year I think it was better than before.  Quite a few modern quilts, which I prefer...but I still appreciate the traditional ones as well.

I'm just going to post pictures of some of the quilts....the first one was one of the best workmanship pieces I saw!!  The words around this quilt were hand appliqued as was the entire quilt...but can you imagine hand appliqueing those words!!!  Just beautiful!!!

Just beautiful.....just a appears that the background lines are stitched...they aren't.  The fabric has blue lines which were hand quilted in between!  Really nice effect!

One of my favorites for sure!!

I know this just looks like a nice 'block' quilt but it s was an interesting piece in that it was reversible!  Once again beautifully done and interesting binding and block attachment.  Something called "cotton theory reversible quilt"???

There were so many was embroidered quilts...these are two that I thought interesting..

It appeared to be quite heavy...obviously due to all the thread work!  But beautiful to look at.

This was an adorable kitten quilt...embroidered, but I didn't get a picture of the whole quilt.  Nicely done...beautiful quilting too

Next up was a really unique bargello pieced quilt.

You really need to click on this to appreciate the way the quilter incorporated the multi colored fabric in the piece, as well as the unique way it was quilted.

That was something both Susan and I seems folks are 'wanting' to be free motion quilters or just machine quilters and they're taking away from their quilts by too much machine quilting.  There's a reason you 'stitch in the ditch' and some of the quilts would have been so much more interesting without all the machine quilted circles!

The quilter did a great job quilting the bargello quilt...another reason it was one I really liked.

This was a really nice modern quilt....

I love the colors in this piece!  And workmanship was wonderful..I think it did get an Honorable Mention.  Very well executed.

As was this one...once again, the workmanship and quilting were beautiful!

The quilting enhanced this piece so much. It all boils down to how quilts are quilted!  The piecing of the quilt is so important but the beauty of a quilt can be ruined or enhanced by your quilting.

So hope you enjoyed 'taking a trip and not leaving your chair'!!!  The show was very nice and Susan treated me to lunch at Mimi's...yum!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday - Part 1!

OK, Saturday was so busy that I'll need to post in two parts!  I'm going to start with Saturday evening first...just because it was so much fun (so was the afternoon but hang in there and you'll see why Saturday was a hoot!).

Yep...this was what we did Sat. night!  We went to a concert!

 Jan and Larry were kind enough to give us their tickets for a concert at the community center for Saturday night.  Well, those who know my 'room mate' they also know he's not one for going to concerts or shows soooooo...after several discussions Bob relented and said "lets go.  no sense wasting the $$'s to see the show."
Well, we sat down with the other 'healthy' members of the 'gang' (some are sick with the same cold Bob has) and started to listen to the bank Backwater.  And rather than me describe the band members, this is a quote from a blog by Ted Lehmann.  

" Backwater, from Ocala, FL, is just such a group. They are a well-established group in Ocala, where they have opened for a broad range of national touring bands and play regular pub gigs downtown, and have toured festivals mostly in Florida. Their sound is a smooth and melodic mix of bluegrass, country, swing, and grassifed rock and pop. Founded in 1984, they are led by Bill Taylor on mandolin, who had a gold record with the Guardsmen for Snoopy and the Red Baron years ago. David Dean on banjo is solid and quite nuanced in his play. Chuck Richolt on guitar and doing much of the lead singing is very solid, with a good voice. "

Now, I'm not sure if  you noted the bit about the"gold record with the Guardsmen for Snoopy and the Red Baron"...well, this song is one of Bob's favorites!  So he sure was delighted to see the fellow singing and playing the mandolin was one of the writers of that song!   He was hooked!

This is Billy Taylor...and he could play that mandolin!  He's one of the original Guardsmen.

Chuck Richolt was the lead singer and played guitar.

This was David Dean who played a mean banjo and was so funny...actually they were all funny besides being talented and entertaining.

Doesn't David look Frank Fritz on American Pickers??  OMG...this guy was so funny but sure could play that banjo!!! 

I do feel bad I didn't get a picture of the bass player.  She was great but you can see her on the video posted below!  I talked with her after the show and she was a hoot!  A widow who drives her own 40ft motor home (with a little car on the hitch!) back and forth, to and from the shows.  She lives in Jacksonville, Fl.!  

Well, to make this long story just a tad shorter!  Bob had a blast!  He loved the show...even bought their CD (which is good!  I listened to it today!).  The show was so much fun!  And they had a drawing after an intermission ( and free wine and crackers!)!  And guess who won the 1st drawing!  ME!  and guess who won the 3rd drawing!  Bob!  What are the odds!!!  We each won a $40 gift card to the club restaurant!  

But that's not all folks!  Bob is a beer drinker (Bud Light usually)...oh sure, he'll drink the 99 cent margarita and will have a Long Island when we have dinner at Applebee's...but beer is his, I mentioned at intermission they had wine and cheese for folks and water.  I asked Bob if he wanted water and he said "what kind of wine?"...I didn't think I heard him right so again I asked if he wanted water.  "No, which wine is good." I grabbed a glass of Chablis and he tasted it saying "that's not too bad"...WHAT!  
Well, come to find out Bob didn't realize you SIP wine!  He doesn't SIP beer..he gulps beer!  So after he had his glass of wine (which lasted through intermission and three songs!) he said "now I know why you sip tastes good but you can't "drink" it!"  Hmmmmm  It took me several minutes to understand the difference between 'sip' and 'drink'.   Guess Bob thought we all 'drink' our'd think he would have noticed when we eat out or when I have wine at home...DUH!

I can't thank Jan and Larry enough for giving us the tickets...and two 'firsts' for my hubby!!  His first concert and his first glass of wine!!  Woo hoo!!  What's next!!!  So here's a short video from last night...such a great band....lots of fun....tomorrow I'll post pictures from the quilt show Susan and I attended at the Villages!!!  Nice show and Susan and I did a good job at critiquing the quilts!!! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


My life has been quite busy this past week!  I left on Saturday to visit with my sister and Nancy at their home in Apollo Beach.  The new house is wonderful but guess who forgot to take pics!!  Guess we were all too busy talking, eating and traveling around!  This is a view from one area of their Lanai.  So very peaceful and relaxing!

Saturday my sister made a fabulous dinner for seven of us.  It was delicious!!!!  She made Haluski,  baked pork chops, asparagus and lemon and chocolate cake for dessert to celebrate my BD!!! A fun evening of eating, talking...yep...more of those things!  Just a really nice evening.

Saturday we took off around 10:30 to head to Sarasota to do some sight seeing and have lunch.  The big plus was we took both the little dogs with us (Kalee and my sister's dog, Sherry).  I don't remember the name of this statue but you can see us at her foot!  That's how big it is!!!

It was a beautiful day for walking around the downtown area and did the dogs good too!  We didn't get home until late afternoon but certainly had our fill after a great lunch!  I had the best crab cake sandwich ever at the Crab & Fin Restaurant!!!  We were able to sit outside to eat so our dogs could lay beside us and rest!  Sherry and Kalee were both good.

Saturday evening we sat and played SkipBo...I really didn't remember (or is it know!) how to play this game.  I'm sure I remember the kids having it but the rules could have been different.  Of course, I only won one game.  Nancy won the most games and my sister was right behind her.

It really was a fun game and a nice evening!!  Monday morning we headed out to Lowe's to pick up some flowers and other items for their house.

Kalee loves going shopping and sat very well in the cart!

As did Sherry!!  She looks like a little fox sitting in the woods!

I guess my sister has been looking for a fireplace unit for the Lanai and this is what they found...although, when they bought it the base was not white!  As soon as we got home,  my sister promptly spray painted white to match the rest of their furniture.  Their Lanai is quite large, with three different seating areas, so this really adds to the room.

  After my sister finished spray painting!, we headed off to the Goodson strawberry farm!  For....yep...strawberries and of course jam!!  So, so good!!!  The three days did go by fast and it's so great my sister lives  close to us here in Florida!  Sure beats driving over 7-8 hours one way to visit her in Pennsylvania during the summer!!  They are snow birds too!

So now back to life in Ocala Palms!!  Dinners...laughter....meeting friends.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Carrabba's!  There were 14 of us and just a great, fun evening!!

   Tomorrow it's dinner at Harry's then to a quilt show on Saturday with Susan then meeting the gang at a music show on Saturday....thank goodness I did some cleaning and laundry yesterday!  Won't get much else done the next few days!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I did actually sew something!

I forgot to post the BD fiber card I made for Harvey....he and I share our birthday celebrations with the 'gang' each year.   I blogged about our BD yesterday.

See, I did get some sewing done this week! I used a piece of Kraft Tex Paper Fabric, which I painted with blue ink.  Then I just doodled!  Harvey has made some beautiful stained glass pieces
 over the years so I looked for a stained glass image that I printed onto Sticky Back Canvas...machine stitched three edges then added french knots.

This is the back of the card.  I thought the saying was perfect!   You may have to click on the picture to read it

And I finished my shrug!  It turned out perfect and is in my bag to take with me to my sisters!  Hope it's a cool day or night so I can wear it!!!   I'll have to have my sister take a picture!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy BD to me!

Yep...hard to believe it's another BD!  These were delivered yesterday and are from my daughter and Jeff.  They are beautiful and the card is so cool.  Don't you love the colors!!

  Last night we celebrated my BD along with Harvey's BD (my friend Susan's hubby) and 10 others (aka the gang!).  We had a great meal at Blanca's then back to Susan and Harvey's house to have cake!!!  In fact, our resident baker, Verna, baked two cakes!  One for me!

And one for Harvey!

And cupcakes for everyone else!  Verna makes the BEST carrot cake and she is so kind to make the cakes for the entire gang's BD's!!!!  Thank you...thank you, Verna!

And these are some of the wonderful cards and gifts I got from everyone.  Although, I'm afraid my reputation is going down hill!  I don't want to count the number of cards that has something about TeaQuila or Margarita's in them!!  Even from my grand daughter!!!

And check out the card my buddy, Susan gave me (it was the first BD card I received)!!  Is this perfect or what!!!  I did make it my picture on FB but think I better change back to Kalee or Bob and I!

 It sits up (and opens) but couldn't hold the "99 cents for a margarita"!!!   That was Susan's comment inside!   I love it!  This will sit in my sewing room at home & here in Florida!!   Of course Carol, Verna, my friend Mary back in Michigan and my grand daughter each gave me a card about 'drinking'!

And, Susan also gave me this beautiful journal!  She certainly knows how I love my journals...I'm already inspired by this cover!!!  Is it beautiful or what!!  Thank you Q buddy!!!

I'm thinking it would be perfect for MaryAnn Beckwith or Rick Loudermilk (two artists for our Masters Exhibit).

Can't wait to start working on a project with this as inspiration....but fiber cards are calling me as well as my structure piece, which is due the end of this month!

I also received a really nice sugar or 'whatever' you want to put in it condiment jar with a beautiful spoon (you can see it in the picture of the cards and gifts above).   Thanks so much Jan F.!  And Jan M. gave me a beautiful flower arrangement from her garden (as well as a really pretty beaded mirror and some lotion!).   And Pat and Patricia gave me a Florida lottery ticket!  How cool!

We were going to go out to dinner with Carol and Tony to one of our favorite eateries, Harry's but Bob's has had a cold the past few days and not feeling up to Parr!  I can't see spending money on a great meal and not enjoying it.  So, we'll hold off until next Friday.   Although, he is golfing today!  Go figure!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm heading south to visit with my sister!!  WooHoo!!!  I am so excited to see her and Nancy again!!  I love my time with them both and look forward to laughs and of course good food!

And Happy Birthday to Sally (FB or blog)!  She's not been posting on her blog as much as on FB but do check out her past posts (if you're not on FB) on her blog.  Beautiful work for sure!!!

Until next week sometime....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An offer you can't refuse!

I've followed Cyndi's Beading Arts blog for quite sometime now...and even purchased a few of her ebooks on beading!  A gal can't have enough books on beading you know!  Plus, her ebooks are very thorough, as are her blog posts and tutorials!

And now, Cyndi is putting an offer to promote artists on her blog.  You have several ways to promote yourself...all you have to do is send Cyndi an image of your work, your artist profile or a tutorial you've done.  You can't beat this offer so make sure to check out Cyndi's blog here. And get your work out there!!!

And while I'm talking about Cyndi's blog...look what I received in the mail last week!
  Woohoo!  I won the premiere issue of Artist & Maker's magazine, along with two others from one of  Cyndi's post offers.  It's quite an interesting magazine.  Lots of different artists that are profiled, which makes it fun to read about, as well as how they got started and are continuing in their artist path.  You can find out more about the magazine here.  Thanks again, Cyndi!

Bob and I had date night tonight...heading out to our favorite restaurant for 99 cent margarita's and their Alambre dinner, which is fabulous!!  It's a dish most folks don't even look's grilled shish kabob (beef or chicken - chicken is my favorite) with onion/bell peppers, rice, beans, guacamole salad and pico de gallo...wonderful and you always have leftovers to take home.  I freeze the meat and then fry up more peppers and onion then serve with tortillas...just like having fajitas at home!

Tomorrow the 'gang' is meeting at Blanca's to celebrate Harvey and my birthdays!  Then back to Harvey and Susan's house for cake...which is being made by our resident baker, Verna!  Can't wait for that cake!!!   I'll be sure to take pictures!

Friday, Carol and Tony are joining us for my BD dinner at Harry's...yum...then Saturday I leave for my sisters for a visit!!  Can't wait to see her!!!!

So I'll most likely be so stuffed full of food I won't be able to type!  Actually, I'm busy making fiber cards and knitting my shrug!  I just have to pick up stitches on both edges, knit a few rows, then attach to finish!  It's cute and so far I think it will look good on!  Let's hope.  I love my Enveloppe piece I's perfect for the cooler, winter weather here in Florida!!   So until next week...stay warm or use sunscreen...depending on where you live!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Freezer Time's Freezer time here in Florida!  That's the Freezer restaurant...well, not really a restaurant...a bar...a grill..tiki's just a dang good place to eat.  Now if you're picky about your food or service or not a seafood person, this place isn't for you!!

The Freezer is known for their steamed shrimp and this is how it's a styrofoam container!!  Before you receive your food, you 'belly up to the bar, bud' and place your order and carry your own drinks to your table!  What a hoot!!  And the line is always long!!!  It's cash only too!!!

Bob always orders a pretzel for each of us...and its huge!!!

And my drink of choice....served with salt around the rim of the plastic cup!

Just another great time with Jan & Larry and Karah and Howard!!  Of course, we HAD to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home!!  It's a tradition...besides we figure Larry has stock in DQ and we want to help his retirement fund increase!  It just wouldn't be the same to end our night and NOT stop at DQ...

It will be eating out again for a few nights this week....99 cent Margarita night on Wed., meeting the 'gang' on Thursday to celebrate 2 BD's (Harvey and mine), then Friday for a BD celebration at Harry's!  Sat. I head to my sisters......Bob is in traveling golf league today so it may be a leek/potato soup night for me.  I made potato leek soup the other day and have some leftover for me to eat.  Need to get walking with Kalee but it's really humid out!  Unusual for Ocala this time of the year but it beats the snow!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Structure project

Well, I did get the seams sewn down on my 'structure' online challenge piece.  And my machine is working like a charm!  The tech seemed to think it was the power cord/plug, which he "tweaked" and it appears he was correct!  Woohoo!!!!!

Hard to see in the picture above, but the seams are now stitched so my hand work won't distort the piece.  It's a shame we do hand work to create a piece then sew over our work/seams with machine stitching...doesn't seem right, does it!

This is a drawing I did on tissue paper - I didn't bring any tracing paper with me!  Just trying to put some ideas on hand stitching I'll do on the piece.  Nothing is in stone yet.  I'm still playing around with some ideas!

Busy day tomorrow, Thursday, then out to dinner with the 'gang', then Friday off to do some shopping with Marcia.  Our weather was cooler today (low 60's by afternoon) but beautiful out.  Kalee and I took two walks as well as she got her golf cart ride in when Bob came home from golf.  So nice out that we had drinks on the lanai before dinner.  We did have to cover the beautiful hibiscus plant out front due to freeze alert for tonight.  But the sun will be out tomorrow so it won't seem least to me...this is my perfect type of weather.  I don't like the 80's!!  Even in Michigan!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back at it!

It felt so good to be back playing with paints and fabric today!  Yep, that's exactly what I did!!  I need to get some ideas for my Valentine Fiber cards so figured I would start off making some background fabric.  So out came my paints, screens and stamps!!  My gelli plate was in that mess too...Jan and Larry stopped by today and I'm sure they were shocked at what was on their kitchen table and counter!!  I do have plastic down on the table and counters but it still looks daunting!

I was playing around with some tissue paper and decided to paint it...don't ask...I have no idea!

I used the gelli plate to do some mono printing on these pieces of red hand dyed fabric.

Then I decided to get out some of my theromo fax screens.  I wasn't that crazy about the pink color on the red but I do like this pattern.  I did a post about the screens I had Lynn K. make for me here.

So I took a yard piece of red hand dyed fabric and started screen printing.  I was using one of the larger screens Lynn printed for me.  But then I decided to add a heart stencil under the screen...well one thing led to another and then I decided to stamp with one of my hand made foam on cardboard stamps!  I just don't know when to stop!
So now to decide how the quilt the entire piece so I can cut it up for 5"x7" fiber cards.  I may just add some packing tape that I printed I said...never sure when I should stop!!