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Saturday, January 17, 2015

I did actually sew something!

I forgot to post the BD fiber card I made for Harvey....he and I share our birthday celebrations with the 'gang' each year.   I blogged about our BD yesterday.

See, I did get some sewing done this week! I used a piece of Kraft Tex Paper Fabric, which I painted with blue ink.  Then I just doodled!  Harvey has made some beautiful stained glass pieces
 over the years so I looked for a stained glass image that I printed onto Sticky Back Canvas...machine stitched three edges then added french knots.

This is the back of the card.  I thought the saying was perfect!   You may have to click on the picture to read it

And I finished my shrug!  It turned out perfect and is in my bag to take with me to my sisters!  Hope it's a cool day or night so I can wear it!!!   I'll have to have my sister take a picture!


  1. Hmm... a couple of new products to look into. Nice work. And I'm sure the weather will allow you to wear the shrug. have fun.

  2. That's a wonderful saying about the age.So I am a piece of art. I hope people like it. Ha.

  3. Excellent fiber birthday card! Looks like lots of fun celebrating with friends and now with your sister. Safe travels and Birthday Bliss...


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