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Friday, January 9, 2015

Structure project

Well, I did get the seams sewn down on my 'structure' online challenge piece.  And my machine is working like a charm!  The tech seemed to think it was the power cord/plug, which he "tweaked" and it appears he was correct!  Woohoo!!!!!

Hard to see in the picture above, but the seams are now stitched so my hand work won't distort the piece.  It's a shame we do hand work to create a piece then sew over our work/seams with machine stitching...doesn't seem right, does it!

This is a drawing I did on tissue paper - I didn't bring any tracing paper with me!  Just trying to put some ideas on hand stitching I'll do on the piece.  Nothing is in stone yet.  I'm still playing around with some ideas!

Busy day tomorrow, Thursday, then out to dinner with the 'gang', then Friday off to do some shopping with Marcia.  Our weather was cooler today (low 60's by afternoon) but beautiful out.  Kalee and I took two walks as well as she got her golf cart ride in when Bob came home from golf.  So nice out that we had drinks on the lanai before dinner.  We did have to cover the beautiful hibiscus plant out front due to freeze alert for tonight.  But the sun will be out tomorrow so it won't seem least to me...this is my perfect type of weather.  I don't like the 80's!!  Even in Michigan!


  1. I love seeing how this piece is's great.

  2. This is going to be a wonderful piece- easy to see how the sketch fits. Glad the machine is working well. Will tell you more about Abby the new girl dog soon!

  3. So happy it was only the cord on your machine. This foundation piece is stunning and will be even more amazing with your hand-stitching applied to it. Wonderful Week Ahead...


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