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Friday, January 30, 2015


Who says husbands and wives have to share!!!  Thanks, Bob!  He's been sick since my BD week and is just now getting over this bug.

I thought I missed it but my luck ran out!  I've been down and out for two days.

Feel like I got hit by a mack truck and I missed 99 cent margarita night and dinner last night with the 'gang'....

I have a lot of making up to do...but not until I feel better which I hope is soon!!!  I don't like feeling sick, nor does Kalee like mom sick!  So until you see the 'black letters' in my post, this chick is off to the couch with her ginger ale and crackers!


  1. Vitural hugs coming your way.....just know you are NOT alone....everyone I know is or has been sick......this too will pass....(easy for me to say)

  2. Oh Dear...Healing Energy and lots of rest and fluids for you my friend.

  3. Oh dear, take care and get better soon.

  4. Ack... not good. Rest up and gather strength, and enjoy some old movies. By the way, that vinegar remedy- should have mentioned that it's not the best tasting stuff, but it does help so hold your nose and get it down. I actually found I didn't mind it once I started drinking it. Publix has the Bragg's ACV which you'll need. Take care.


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